May 11, 2017

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May 11, 2017



She kept you inside her for almost a year.

She nursed you and dressed you and settled your fear.

She bathed you and raised you and gave you great care.

Whenever you cried she would always be there.

She taught you and bought you, took care of your needs.

She mended and tended to all of your bleeds.

She praised you and dazed you with the golden rule.

She brained you and trained you when you were a fool.

She drove you and drove you and drove you and drove.

She drove you and drove you and drove you and drove.

She gave you her heart she did all that it took.

So please, this Sunday, don’t make her cook.



Spielberg or Lucas has nothing on me. I was a special effect before they were born. As the fruit of the Swiss Cheese plant, I am a member of the arum Lily family. I am the only edible philodendron. My large beautiful sturdy leaves make me a very suitable houseplant. Originally from Mexico (called Mexican Breadfruit, later known as the shingle plant) my survival techniques have allowed me to thrive around the world. We are very complicated to eat, but worth it. I will not ripen evenly! The green scales of my almost foot long lizard tail shaped body will loosen to expose my off-white colored, banana/mango/pineapple flavored spadix. When unripe, my oxalic acid and sharp calcium oxalate crystals will irritate and often numb the membranes of your mouth, tongue, and throat. Not to worry, you will only FEEL like you can’t breathe. To avoid this breathless possibility I am often wrapped in plastic so I will ripen more quickly and evenly. Excellent in fruit salads or eaten out of hand, I am also stunning in a cornucopia or fruit display.

Answer To Last Week’s Quiz…MONSTERA…Congrats To All Winners
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