May 9, 2019

  Market Notes
May 9, 2019


      This is turning out for be an incredible year for fresh ramps. The season started as expected but we did not have the late frost that often puts an early bump in the program. This year they came on strong and steady and even the price drop was a bit early. The product has been beautiful. As we moved from field to field the harvest was abundant and the quality was museum. Each field provided product more days than expected thereby lengthening the season.  So, in short, we are still at peak of production and we do not expect any drop off for the next ten days.  When it goes down, it goes down fast but it is entirely possible that we will be offering fresh ramps after Memorial Day weekend. We will keep you informed, week by week, but right now we have all the ramps you want, and then some.


     Our Florida yellow tomat program is on hiatus.  Its annual 4-6 week sabbatical began about a week ago and we do not expect new harvest until mid-June from northern Florida farms. As crops, sheds and equipment get battered year after year from the seasonal storms, the amount of growers has been reduced. The smaller sized, used for processing and drying are even more scarce than they were before and the 5×6 slicing tomatoes will also be reduced in availability.  When in season, we will load FOB from Greensboro, Florida and can offer LTL delivery from this location to the Los Angeles market and surrounding areas as well as many locations off route 95 north. We have a small waiting list for shipping when they begin, feel free to add your orders to it.



Culinary had the opportunity to visit a new baby potato grower in the Central California and it was a stunning tour.  Three colors and four sizes of creamers that almost look manufactured.  Unlike the potato facilities of yore, this facility is more like something out of the Jetsons.  Bright lights and floors you can eat off of combine with spotless stainless equipment. Product loaded into a hopper from the exterior so they actually do not see the clean room until they are washed and polished. This is almost a sterile operation like you would expect from a lettuce processor, but cleaner.  It is reflected in the product they produce. Totes, 50#, 10# retail pack and microwave pack available in any mix or size you desire. Yes, they pack marbles and on a very limited basis one size smaller. Private label is available as well.  We are thrilled to be representing these growers and more importantly their product. Icing on the cake? Their seed is grown biotically. If you care about the quality of your creamer program, you’ll find us.


 I am an evergreen, a native of Brazil.  I proudly rise up to 40 feet high.  I grow in warm, subtropical, and cool tropical regions.  I am harvested 5 to 6 times a year, as I have to be separated from the 1 to 4 inch spear shaped leaves protecting me.  I am round and only one inch in diameter.  My thick black, maroon or purple skin gives way to my white or pinkish translucent pulp.  I grow out of the larger branches and directly from the trunk of the tree.  Highly cultivated in Rio de Janeiro, I have also been seen occasionally in the United States and have even traveled as far as Australia.  Often enjoyed fresh, we can also be used in fruit salads or as a garnish.  I create succulent jams, jellies, juices and wines.  My high sugar content makes a satisfying snack while providing ample amounts of vitamin C.

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