Nov. 12, 2020

  Market Notes Nov. 12, 2020



The truckers are confused. With the election unresolved are the riots at bay? Will there be an uprising and will it uprise on their trucks? So many questions to answer but one thing is for sure, prices are going up, and up. Straight on up to Sillyville as of this writing.  And many lanes are tight or just not available. This is going to get worse for two reasons; first the reality of the holiday when it will be justifiably busier, then the continued spread of infection which slows the working economy down and in some places brings production to a halt. It is likely that travel will be down this holiday season but one group meal will simply be replaced by an abundance of smaller gatherings. That can easily make demand greater. Holiday product is in good supply but very quickly the ability to pick pack and ship could be challenged. We are already being asked to get our load orders in advance and we are starting to lie up trucks two weeks out.  The asteroid didn’t blow us up and hopefully a presidential announcement will have the same limited effect. Food box distribution continues and another lockdown hovers as the numbers move in the wrong direction. Remember the days of accurate forecasting.  Man plans…….God laughs.  We will be doing our best to provide information with integrity while getting as many advance orders as possible. Carry on!  


This week began loading in Yuma and points south and it seems to have gone on with very few problems.  All orders loaded when they were supposed to and most orders were filled complete.  We did learn that our baby head lettuce program will not begin its southern distribution for another two weeks. Other than that everything is shiny happy, warm and fuzzy. The beauty of this is that the Salinas Valley, Monterey and Santa Cruz had three days of major frost ending the season for many growers and destroying crops for others.  Tomatoes and strawberries have become very tight as a result of the overnight chill, but our greens programs escaped, just in time.  So, we are full throttle in the new southern exposure and will have to wait for the next fields of strawberries and tomatoes.  


    We are a bit premature on this but why not add a little excitement to this big old goofy world.  Establishing an office in the Santa Cruz/Watsonville area has improved both our customer and grower relations. Playing host to convention attendees, birddogging for customers back east, and meeting with growers more frequently has been an essential part of our growth. Now we have a potentially new opportunity. Exploring the stunning forests and hills surrounding Santa Cruz we unfortunately often come across areas affected by fires. While this is horrifically sad one positive result is the new foraging areas this burnt ground provides.  We have meet up with several local mycologists and may very well be shipping fresh morels this spring that we actually picked. It’s a large proposition and just in a planning stage but we might have the facility and the product to do this is a small limited way, providing an incredible exclusive value to our customers. Stay tuned for more foraged forest fantasies.


Pliny said I could prevent fatigue, but he didn’t know my prices and shelf life!  Pilgrims in the Middle Ages put me in their shoes before long journeys on foot.  Named after the French word for “little dragon” I can be strangled by my roots if not regularly divided.  Due to my serpentine root system I am a good treatment for snakebites.  I am also considered to enhance the growth of most vegetables when planted among them.  I will sweeten your breath and numb your tongue if chewed.  I prefer France in the Spring and Russia in the Winter.  Often associated with vinegar or fish, I am also good with mustard, chicken, fresh salads, lamb, potatoes, artichokes, cheeses, eggs and sour cream.  As a pharma-food I am known to stimulate appetite, relieve flatulence, and help ease toothaches.  I am able to protect foods as an antioxidant.  As a useful antifungal I am also an ingredient in perfumes, soaps and cosmetics.


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