Nov. 5, 2020

  Market Notes Nov. 5, 2020



The blurb you are about to read is true. Names have been changed to protect Culinary, and this is not happening everywhere but happening it is.  We have been writing a lot lately about the cost of trucks moving from west to east. We mentioned that cost has gone up and trucks are scarce. We questioned several of our truck brokers as to why this would be.  There were no new restrictive transportation laws, price of gas has not gone up, weather is not an issue and there is no lack of equipment. Then Bart, our largest truck broker, came clean.  He told us trucks do not want to move east because of the potential riots. But wait; there were riots in Portland, Oregon, Kenosha, Wisconsin but nothing in the northeast. Why would a truck driver be worried about driving from PA to MA? Then it clicked, “blue states!” Truckers did not want to service blue states and were using riots as an excuse. We further learned that trucks are doing OK not going east of the Mississippi, and if they had to we (they) we going to pay. As we explored this further it got crazier.  People we verified this with were conflicted as to who exactly would be doing the rioting. Some felt that if Trump won Antifa would attack the world. Others thought our President would send out attack signals to the Proud Boys and QAnon to “stand up” and “move forward.” Then cars with Trump flags slowed down a Biden bus on the freeway to 20 miles an hour and 911 had to be called.  Then a bunch of Trump supporters shut down the Garden State Parkway in New Jersey.  Then Trump supporters shut down the Cuomo (Tappan Zee) bridge in New York. Then Washington DC boarded up all their stores. Many Trump supporters suggested that it was not them; rather crazy liberals dressed to look like Trump supporters to shift blame. Looks like we might have a decision by the weekend so please get out your fans.  Better the shit hits the fan, not you.  Meanwhile, anybody got a truck going to Boston?  


White truffles can be found in specialty markets throughout the year. The September through December season of the Alba, Italy white truffles represent the finest truffles on the planet. Known for their slight garlicky flavor, and intense musky fragrance, the Alba truffle has it unripe, peak of perfection, and over ripe period. We are coming into the peak of perfection weeks where the aroma of a one pound white truffle can fill a supermarket.  The white truffle is uber expensive because they do not develop a skin like the black truffle. Affected by weather as well this tuber is often difficult to find in a condition suitable for consumption. So the white Alba is the best of the best and they are exceptionally expensive. Extra class large white truffles (maybe a pound and a half) will set you back up to three thousand, but shipping is included.  If you can afford it please call for details.  


   I am a bit of a snake in the grass and a world wanderer as well.  In fact, I am the only ancient crop to have been cultivated in both the Old and New World. While I am probably an African, I floated like a bottle on the seas in pre-Columbian times, traveling to India, China, Indonesia and New Zealand.  Archaeologists have found me in Egyptian remains as well as in Mexico, Peru, and Florida.  Scientifically, you’ll hear I’m a fruit.  Some call me a bean.  You’ll use me as a vegetable, from four inches to three feet long, mild, slightly sweet, tender and free of bitterness.  Many of my family are not tasty, or are they slender and light green like me, but they have other popular uses.  You will always need to peel me. If you get me young, you can eat my soft seeds, but as I age and they harden, they must be removed. As a young little “cucutz”, my white pulpy flesh is often steamed or stir-fried. As I age I can be cooked like a winter squash.  I have a great personality as I can stay firm when the heat is on remaining tender not mushy. Nutritionally I haven’t much to offer, just low in calories and high in vitamin C.  I am in season from mid-summer to fall. After that I can be used as a dish spoon or decoration. Don’t be bored, because I’m a gourd. If it’s names you want I have many including Yugao,po gua, kwa kwa, upo, bau, dudkhi and opo.


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