Nov 7, 2019

  Market Notes Nov 7, 2019



      In 1880 Giuseppe Ingrilli began selling produce every Saturday at the Messina fresh market in northern Sicily.  He noticed that lemons were a popular item and decided to plant some lemon trees.  It was his attention to detail, forethought and determination that was the spark that spawned Ingrilli Citrus. After years of producing product and packaging for other companies, Ingrilli has decided to bring its product to market in their own label.  They’ve partnered with us to bring their amazing lemon and lime juice in state-of-the-art packaging technology to the United States in both conventional and USDA certified organic!  These are not the squeeze balls of your parent’s days. The product is 100% juice with no preservatives and a seriously more intense flavor.  Distribution is out of the ports in New Jersey and samples are easy to send so don’t be shy.  While designed for a retail market, the plastic container and convenient size make it very accommodating for restaurant cooking and salad stations for use by the customer, cook, bartender or chef.  Two different sizes allow for multiple uses. Perfect for stations at a resort where you can avoid the glass.  Bartenders and bakers alike will love the flavor and the convenience. Please call for your samples.  Ask for Trae Cyrus, he’ll get you your samples and make great deals.


     Monday, November 11 is Veterans Day.  While we should thank and protect our veterans every day, Monday will be a day of celebration for those who have fought to protect our country. From suicide to PTSD many of our armed forces return to domestic life with tremendous strain. Please use this holiday to reach out to those who served and let them know how vital they are, when in service or not. They are the backbone of our freedoms and often need to be reminded of how valuable they are.  The major closure affected by this holiday is the LA Market. All services into, out of and around the market will be closed. Most loading docks are open all day while sales offices have varying hours.  


     Grown in hot regions all over the world, I am the most popular of all tropical fruits. Christopher Columbus introduced me to Europe from his expeditions in South America.  Carib Indians hung me either whole or a crown of my leaves above the entrance to their huts as a sign of welcome and a promise of food and drink. I am a symbol of and often the gift of friendship. I am carved on the top of bedposts. I am part of many logos. I grow from the ground up, not from a tree.  I am native to the lowlands of Brazil and spread throughout the world easily propagated by cuttings.  I have dwarf siblings whose core is completely edible and I have monster parents who weigh over eleven pounds each.  If you want me to be sweet, you better pick me ripe because I have no reserve of starch to convert to sugar.  I can be used fresh, sautéed, broiled, grilled, frozen, chunked, rung, or juiced. I can be used as a vessel for chicken salad and other savory foods.  I am famous as a cake but you would have to stand on your head to see me. I am one-half of one of the most famous tropical drinks ever.  I have also been used as a sore throat remedy and a meat tenderizer. I am 82 calories per cup, .2 grams of fat, gluten-free with no cholesterol.  

Answer to last weeks quiz…BUTTERNUT SQUASH…Congrats to all winners!

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