November 24, 2016

  Market Notes
November 24, 2016


Thanksgiving is here

It’s a day we all know

Many are cooking

Many more on the go

Families will gather

Friends and neighbors join in

To sit at the table

Let the feasting begin

Then out from the kitchen

Comes an edible show

But fear grows inside us

Is it all GMO

The turkey looks lovely

But how do we know

What the turkey was feed with

Was not GMO

Free-range and organic

Heirloom and GMO

Without full disclosure

How will we know

Now our choice has been tainted

Because the public won’t know

If their food has been altered

Cause our government says “don’t show”


From us and ours to you and yours have

Mashed potatoes with gravy

A comfort for sure

Neither Clinton or Trump

Can verify they’re pure.

Innate is their name

And their value is clear

So why do we wonder

Where we will grow our third ear

The Cornbread is golden

It’s moist and brings cheer

But it’s been DNA altered

Year after year

The pie is of apple

Granny Smith used this year

But it’s the Artic variety

Can trouble be near

Bayer bought Monsanto

A headache for sure

They are feeding the masses

But is that the cure

The genetics in question

Make a new pay to play

But this happens in nature

So today it’s okay


a happy, healthy and safe Thanksgiving!

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