Oct. 15, 2020

  Market Notes Oct. 15, 2020



About 19000 firefighters are actively fighting California fires every day, more than has been seen in a dozen years. Currently there are 21 active fires 12 of which are a growing concern. PG&E is reacting to these fires that were mostly started by lightning strikes by cutting power to communities threatened by the flames. Unusually high temperatures continue the threat of new flames, but the lack of wind and cool wet nights are helping with containment. For some areas, rain is predicted within the next two weeks which will give the State the relief it desperately needs. Then we can send in the forest sweepers with rain coats.


Our west coast potato grower has hit a gap in fingerling production. They will not begin harvest again for about 5 weeks. Good lord willing and the creek don’t rise new crop harvest will begin the week of November 23. To cover our regular distribution we are bringing in new crop from Colorado in totes and will run product to order from this new crop.  We received our first load today and product looks good. No oversized lenticels, no dark ends, no bruising and very little if any rhizoc. Unfortunately we will need to increase price slightly to cover the increased cost of transportation. We will start packing on Monday so we are proud to report that there will be no interruption in service. We continue to service the east coast with product from the same source as well. Colors and mixes are available upon request.


Pink-Glo Pineapples have hit the market. They are the result of 16 years of research from DelMonte and are grown in the central highlands of Costa Rica for 16 years.  This is GMO at its finest.  The pineapple has been genetically modified to add lycopene, commonly found in tomatoes and watermelon. Lycopene is responsible for the red color in there fruits and is now making a pineapple pink.  The fruit is sold individually and DelMonte has selected an east coast and west coast distributor.  We have access to west coast product.  Pink-Glo pineapples are sold with their tops removed as they are saved to replant and sustain the new crop or possibly to prevent others from growing them.  They are packed individually in a 1 count case and require 48 hour notice. Flavor is reported to be higher sugar and lower acid.  These pineapples start at around $50.00 per fruit so maybe we will see these used selectively until the price can support steady culinary applications. There is a pink pumpkin program to support breast cancer research, maybe the pink pineapple can do the same.


   You want all of me and I’m yours, year round with peaks in the spring and fall. If you like me because you think I’m Asian or Chinese, I guess that I should admit that my origins are probably really Mediterranean, even though I’m the main type of my variety eaten in Japan and China.  If you like ‘em young, I’m for you, since I’m really only half-grown when chosen.  I’m thin-skinned, bright, light, fresh, crisp and sweet, and that’s what you like about me.  Some call me flat and thin, but I’m a broad known for my model figure and I figure well in a model’s diet as well.  While you delight in every part of me, it’s seldom my seeds that make you yearn for me, unlike others of my sort.  It’s my tiny seeds’ immaturity that lets me keep my slender profile.  If you wait until I grow and swell, you’ll find me inedible.  You love me when I’m raw and can take me plain or dressed.  But, get me all hot and stirred–up and you adore me.  Don’t wash me until you need me though, because I’m very delicate.  Just treat me to a light shower and gently pat me dry, then go ahead and pinch me at the top and bottom. Pull my string or just eat it; either way, I’m a taste treat with tempting texture and I’m a source of vitamin C and potassium, as well as iron, folic acid, magnesium, thiamin, pantothenic acid, vitamin B6 and phosphorus.


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