Oct. 17, 2019

  Market Notes Oct. 17, 2019




So, you’re going away to the PMA

The largest of all produce shows

The classes are passive

The show floor is massive

With rows upon rows upon rows

The vendors have eyes popping out of their head

To find the right name tags and show them their spread

The booths are elaborate to attract passers-by

In aisles sometimes thick and other times dry

There are K races, famous faces, and samples galore

Fourteen hours of madness then head for the door

Most people you meet will be special and fun

Many countries and families will see what you’ve done

The meals and evenings fill with half-hour slots

To meet and greet in your favorite spots

With everyone moving quickly

To get here or get there

We know this week’s newsletter

Won’t foster any care

So we offer this poem

In humor and cheer

Just remember when you return

That we are still here.



     To some, I’m a buggy bean, to others, I’m religious bread, but I’m really just a pod.  I am the fruit of an evergreen tree believed to have originated in Syria and have been cultivated since ancient times.  Related to the tamarind tree I am famous for keeping John the Baptist from starvation while he was crossing the desert.  My tree often survives over one hundred years, grows to about forty feet, while I am born from its small reddish flowers.  My leathery skin is reddish brown and ranges in length from four to eight inches.  I can stabilize, bind and gel, but I do not stimulate (it’s not in my contract).  In fact, I am often used as a flavor substitute for products that do stimulate.  My pod produces a powder and my seeds produce a gum, useful, eh?  I contain 50% sugar so you can call me sweetie.  Mint and cinnamon are my friends and we are often caught on a plate mixing it up.  In my worst nightmare I am ground up and used as animal fodder, chewing tobacco, or dog biscuits, can you imagine?  When I go uptown, I am a thickener in cool sauces, and excellent liqueur, and can also be found in cakes or candy bars.  I am a rich source of fiber and protein with a low level of fat.  If you scare me with a “boo”, I’d have to grow antlers.

Answer to last weeks quiz…KIWI…Congrats to all winners!

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