Oct. 29, 2020

  Market Notes Oct. 29, 2020



Before we get into the important stuff it’s worth noting what an incredible week we are coming into. Saturday we will wear masks because we want to and we can all dress up in our forest sweeper costumes and get candy for it. We have seen some very interesting ways of delivering candy and maintaining social distance at the same time.  Will the CDC require the costumes to be burned? There is another public gathering. Then, Sunday, after being sick from too much candy and tired from the costume burning we get to set the clock back one hour, allowing us another hour of sleep.  Monday is the last full day of campaigning and Tuesday we vote. Wednesday begins Act II – the discussion of who won. Covid and crimes and curfews are expected. Aside from the crazy week stuff trucking throughout the country has gotten silly tight and expensive. West to east is reflective of late summer prices, Points east from Colorado and Texas are also tight with high prices if you can find the trucks. New food box program will impact this as well, but that’s a good thing.  We are setting up ads for Thanksgiving and need to stay ahead on this.  Product is available, prices are easily negotiable but the trucking will be tough. We look forward to being part of the many small holiday celebrations along with being part of the food box contents. Please call to discuss deals and wheels.  


For many growers in the Salinas Valley next week will be the last week of harvest and packing in the valley.  Many operations (including the primary ones we use) will be switching to Yuma for the winter season. Here’s how it works. For orders loading next week we will need the by Tuesday 11-3-2020. These will load no later than Saturday in Salinas or Monday in Yuma, customer choice. For orders loading the following week in Yuma, it would be best to have those orders by Friday.  The first two days of Yuma have been known as days from hell but weather permitting this transition has been improving every year. Needless to say we will be all over the phones come Monday to get your order and your vote for Salinas or Yuma.  At this point as there are no known weather or equipment issues, we expect a smooth transition of power.  


Daylight saving time is this Sunday. Please make sure to move your clocks back one hour or three inches to the left. Moving the clock back one hour will give you an additional hour of sleep or morning time. Moving the clock three inches to the left will do nothing but it might fall off the shelf. These day, many timepieces are digital, but not all so remember to change the wall clock, the mantle clock and of course, the grandfather and cuckoo clocks.  


   As an old root, I don’t get no respect.  Years of pickling and canning have made me a bit sour.  While I can also be baked, braised, used in soups, or even grated into salads (a rather contemporary use for an antiquated root like me) I’m still regarded as common.  I’m not just sliced item in a salad bar any more.  In fact, my juice is often used in spas as part of a weight reduction program. My greens are now used as components in mesclun, another happening product!  Believed to have originated in Northern Africa, my root was popular with the Romans while the peasants feasted on the leaves the Romans discarded.  I have a thin skin and I am very fleshy.  My colors include white, orange (gold) and red.  You will need some lemon juice to keep your hands clean as I bleed when bruised, cut or watered.  Our infants are eaten raw, while the mature members of our family require cooking.  As a pharmafood I am said to stimulate appetite and digest easily.  Our roots are an excellent source of potassium, vitamin A and vitamin C.  Our leaves are also a good source of potassium as well as folic acid and magnesium.  So, after all these years, I’m still the one to…..


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