Oct. 31, 2019

  Market Notes
Oct. 31, 2019



      Finger limes are at peak right now so they are probably the best value in the specialty citrus market. Also, not at all citrus related but a specialty fruit, there is now red kiwi on the market. Packed in 12/1.5 pound clams, this year’s crop is small simply to test the now berry tasting berry.  But we digress, back to citrus.  We are at the peak of the sours. Buddha Hands are becoming abundant, Bergamot is available on a limited basis, Meyer lemons are not domestic, Yuzu citrus and Kaffir limes are in stock, Oroblanco and Pumelo are in stock, and on the sweet side some Sumo mutant mandarins are still available. Sweet limes are a fresh harvest and we have a few Ponderosa lemons (Etrog) for sale.  Many of these products can be shipped with stem and leaf.  Please check with your culinary rep for details.


     So, here’s the deal. For all orders loading in the Salinas area on or before November 11th, we will need those orders in by Tuesday, November 5th, 2019. The last day for loading in Salinas will be Tuesday, November 12th.  Loading in Yuma and surrounding areas will begin Monday November 11, 2019. As usual there will be some transfers for a week or so as based quality of left behind product and possibility of fires. As of this writing product is looking good in both locations and it is likely and early harvest in Yuma will be transferred to Salinas processing facilities to fill final orders.  For those on the baby lettuce program that will probably be a separate time table running a bit later than the commodity processing like it usually does. We will go one with contact for our users. At this point, based on availability the transition looks smooth but first Monday is always hell. We will review with everybody at point of sale. Any questions don’t hesitate.  


     I ooze from pores and hang on doors.  I save you from fright on Halloween night.  I am so old, with flavor so bold, my story in Sanskrit can be told.  In ketchup, mustard and sausage I be, powered in pizza to stimulate thee.  Roast me slowly and squeeze my head, you won’t need any butter for bread. Or you can turn me black and ferment me instead.  Curing consumption and easing all pain, when it comes to amounts there is no refrain.  Braid me, sauté me, put me in sauce, without my aroma your food’s at a loss.  If you are to marry and scared of the flight, my clove in your buttonhole will ensure a sweet night.  In Gilroy, my home where I’m in best supply, just stick out your nose, my aroma won’t lie.  So love me and eat me, and decorate in style; however you use me I’ll last for awhile.   


Remember to set your clocks to “fall” back this Sunday Morning. So, at 2:00 AM Sunday morning, November 3, 2019 please change the time back to 9:00AM Tuesday, May 4th, 1976.  Isn’t technology wonderful!  You’re welcome.  

Answer to last weeks quiz…BUTTERNUT SQUASH…Congrats to all winners!

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