October 1, 2015

  Market Notes
  October 1, 2015


       The first of the season organic navel oranges will begin today.  Harvest is in the Bakersfield area of California and it is one of the earliest seasons they have ever seen.  California State regulates picking of navel oranges before their time.  They regulate this by determining a minimum brix level (sugar) that must be achieved before the fruit can be shipped. That brix number is about 8.5.  This first harvest from this crop has a brix of 9.5.  So early, yes, but they are ready.  Peak season will yield a brix level as high as 12 but that is a few months away. Product is being packed in 38# boxes and all sizes are available from 56 count to 113’s. Retail is packed in 12/3# mesh bags. Now here is what is way cool about this deal.  This grower is also our California Fingerling grower and they are also packing and shipping Organic Australian Fingerlimes.  This means at one stop you can get potatoes, oranges, and limes.  We can also consolidate these three items for delivery daily to the Los Angeles Market, LAX, or points north.

        So, what’s in a name?  Not much if it does not conjure an accurate image. Maybe Yellow Moon would be better. Here are the facts.  Culinary Specialty Produce has been brokering specialty produce for over a quarter century.  We have made our name by providing service as an art and bringing new items to market. We are a go to company for the weird, unusual and new.  We have been instrumental in the popularity of Fingerling Potatoes and helped open up the market of specialty potatoes. We have promoted almost all of what we sell on flavor. All that said, we are proud to have the opportunity to offer the Midnight Moon, the best tasting potato we have found since the Fingerling. We invite you to ask for samples as long as you will cook them and respond as we want to make sure you love them as much as we do. These are medium skinned purple potatoes with the brightest yellow flesh we have ever seen. That’s a tall statement and we invite you to prove us wrong. Only bad thing about this product is its name.  Ask us for a sample and as long as you will cook it and respond we will be happy to send. Midnight Moon ship out of Mosca Colorado, and we offer these A-/B- sized tubers in 50# bulk and can be consolidated with Masquerade, Fingerlings, Organic Russets and colors.  So get a sample and DIY or taste our samples at……….

     Culinary Specialty Produce third world tour will include a stop at the New York Produce Show. Coaxed out of retirement by the awesome team at Produce Business (Read Ellen Rosenthal and her team), the entire staff of Culinary will be on hand at the Javitz  Center in NYC  on Wednesday, December 2nd to feature the Midnight Moon and the Masquerade potatoes.  Along with our award winning cornucopia of the latest and greatest specialty offerings we will be baking the Masquerades and sautéing Midnight Moons to let the NYC community know how excellent these new varieties truly are. These events shut us down for a day and are an incredible logistic to pull off, not to mention the expense. This is why we retired from the food show circuit. Our ego’s do not need the shot.  So please understand that if we are willing to gear everything up and go through all the effort again, it’s not just because we want to stand in front of you and smile.  We really believe in the product, and hope you will too.


      When I’m young I have hair, but as I grow I lose it, and my skin turns green. I grow on vines, and my flesh is white, tender and sweet. I am an important component of the Chinese New Year.  The Chinese saying “Eat well and prosper” frightens me even more because if people were so inclined I could be a feast all by myself because I can grow to 30 pounds. But more often than not I’m harvested when I weigh 8-12 pounds. I’m told people celebrate the New Year with me in a number of ways, but most especially by feasting. Chinese believe that what you eat during the New Year will affect your fortune for the entirety of the year. So I truly hope that I won’t be the main course in any of your feasts. The non-indoctrinated American may think I’m a fruit, but the Chinese eat me as a vegetable in soups, entrées, or even as their desert. The Italians and Chinese often serve me with ham. Humans find me delectable raw or cooked.  I’m certain to ensure prosperity in your health and well-being since I am a great source of folic acid, potassium, and Vitamins A and C which are good for you any time of the year…


Answer To Last Quiz….BREADFRUIT……Congrats To All Winners
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