October 13, 2016

  Market Notes
October 13, 2016



While we are grateful the storm was not more serious, there were still power outages, structures blown apart, and just under two dozen deaths. As the majority of our operations are functioning we are hearing of crop damage from Matthew and earlier hurricanes. We are doing what we can to support those in North Carolina whose homes are underwater, and whose lives had been displaced. We hope you will do the same. We have not heard of any reports of people perishing due to stupid mistakes and there appears to be great support for food, water, and medical care. While the waters have yet to subside, power remains unavailable, many struggle to put their lives back together. As these struggles seem to get lost in the stories of the day, we need to remember these communities that have been decimated ad support with our prayers, our pocketbooks, and if possible our presence. Our industry will be in self celebration this weekend barely a state away from the most severe damage. We hope that this event will play a role in the swift stabilization of the region. This is a perfect segue to our next headline.


Culinary will not be attending the PMA Fresh Summit in Orlando, Florida this year. With our new California office we have had tremendous opportunities for meeting and growth through the Foodservice PMA in Monterey, California, just 30 minutes from our office. We will miss the annual hellos and the crazy scramble to try and see everything and meet everyone, but we will not have to play catch up with customer orders and the service we have come to be known for. So, while you are having all the fun with Epcot, the Space Center, and Mickey, we will be doing what we always claim, following your orders. For those attending, we wish you safe travels and a great show. Remember, we can get it for you wholesale.


Let’s begin with the standard items. Organic Fukumoto oranges have begun. This early navel variety is brixing between 9 and 13 and scores over 105 on the California scale. 90 is the minimum requires for legal sale, so we are early and ready to go. Sizes range from, 72 to 88 with 40# foodservice and mesh bag retail packaging. From the same source we have organic Lisbon Lemons in medium sized, 95 to 115. Next week we begin harvesting organic Meyer Lemons. We are one month away from our own organic Finger Limes. All these items pack and load at the same location that we pack and load our fingerling potatoes so it is easy to grab a pallet or 5. Buddha’s Hands are just beginning and are mostly green but exceptionally beautiful this year. Then there are the early unusual sours including Calamondin, Kieffer Lime and Yuzu Lemon. These are available through the LA Market or grower direct if the size of the order warrants. Please contact your Culinary rep for details and samples. Satsuma’s coming soon


I am a product of centuries of cultivation and selection. I am indigenous to central Asia and Europe. I was very popular among the Greeks and Romans but my oldest friends are the Chinese who have known me for close to 5,000 years. I am starchy, crunchy, sweet and particularly petite. In my early days my look and taste was a bit of an eyesore, until my friend the famous botanist Gregor Mendel got a hold of me, fortunately, and greatly improved my appearance and taste over the years. I am raised with several brothers and sisters, I rarely grow alone. Our homes range from 1 ¾ to 6 inches in length. Each home contains as little as one or as much as ten of us. My skin can be slim and svelte or flat and swollen but always with curves in all the right places. I have over 1,000 varieties including smooth and wrinkled canned. My colors range from green to grayish, whitish, or brownish. I am sold fresh, dried, or frozen. I contain small amounts of protein and I am rich in Vitamin B. I am often used as a cover crop as I provide nitrogen for the soil. I am mainly consumed in soups or a traditional side dish to accompany meat, and mixed with other vegetables. As for one of my most popular varieties they may not be handy when building a man or ball but I wouldn’t plan to stir fry without them.


Answer To Last Week’s Quiz…FENUGREEK…Congrats To All Winners

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