October 25, 2018

  Market Notes
October 25, 2018

We are transitioning fields in California over the next two weeks and that sustain us through Thanksgiving when we will be in new fields once again. Everything is right on schedule and the weather is actually cooperating for a change. Colorado is back in with purple fingerlings so we can now offer a three color fingerling mix again. So with all potato cylinders working let’s start talking holidays. Over the next three weeks we are going to build up our east coast forward distribution so we don’t have to deal with absent and triple coast trucks as well as having all the supplies you need. We are also accepting ad requests and large orders bid requests for the season. Our mainstay yellow fingerlings are in good supply and we should have no problem meeting your holiday demands. Please contact us with any special requests the holiday insanity may bring and we will do our best to exceed your expectations.

With the Salinas Valley transition to Yuma is just under three weeks away we are in pretty good shape prior to the move. Temperate climates have kept the baby greens happy and even the baby head lettuce program is working well. We do have some excess in baby and teen spinach from some of our premier growers, so if you are looking for some volume deals we have the quantity, quality and price you need. Kale, arugula, frisee, baby heads, blends, and obviously spinach are all looking great which make our blends shine. Hopefully we can stay warm until we move south so we won’t have to bring the southern product north for processing. Either way, at this point there are no anticipated production gaps prior to transition.

Last week we wrote about the myriad of finger lime growers mentioning that we had our own small crop but that it was only in bulk. Well, what a difference a week makes. We are now offering an 8 ounce clamshell finger lime labeled for food service. This is basic product, weight, COO, and lot number. We do not yet have any scanning or RDIF information on the packaging but we expect that development by our next harvest, or certainly the one after that. This is not a huge crop but it is very convenient to load with our potato and organic citrus program. Fruit is ripe and the price is right. Drayage to LA Market is also available.

God blessed America – He gave it country quilts, apple pie, Fourth of July and me!!! I am a member of a healthy family. You won’t find me flourishing in the fields but you will find my clusters sprawled throughout the woods, mountainous regions and peaty soils. My flesh is sticky sweet, and don’t miss my seeds, they’re tiny!! I have approximately thirty varieties all falling under the categories of Vacciinium Angustifolium, which are smaller, milder tasting version (Are you from Jersey? If so then you have no problem finding me, this version is widely cultivated there). However I’m not around for long, don’t blink or you may miss me. Please! Treat me gently when you wash me I am very fragile and highly perishable. I’m an all day long delight, served plain or dried, as a breakfast accompaniment, in fruit salad, yogurt, sorbets, vinegar, juices, jams, pies, cakes and even topped with orange juice and vodka for a tasty after dinner delight. I am a significant source of Vitamin C, Potassium, Sodium and fiber. Hey, if you don’t consume me for my delightful flavor, keep in my mind I am also a “pharmafood” and said to have the effects of an astringent, antibacterial, and antidiarrheal. Don’t mistake me for Cousin Bill and beware of tricky peas holding their breath to fool you, although their true colors eventually come out with the stars.


Answer To Last Week’s Quiz:…COLLARD GREENS…Congrats To All Winners

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