October 27th, 2022

  Market Notes October 27th, 2022



Today is a Thursday, it is not a holiday,

but everybody has gone away. How

do we present this, so you won’t resent

this, and still have something to say.

The words we write here could be

wrong or right here will not be

given to site. So we send silly dribble,

give you something to nibble,

although the content is slight.

The lonely page will express no rage,

even when the advice is quite sage.

You’ve all gone away, to the new PMA,

off to sunny Orlando you’ll play.

There will be meetings and meals,

and lots of new deals

as our industry screams

“Hey, we’re great”.

But those left out in the cold

make sure your trucks load

while you’re getting drunk out of state.

So go meet and greet, get up off your feet,

walk the isles till your eyeballs are full.

Come Monday it’s scary,

the new knowledge you carry

knowing soon it will be vertical.


    Alampur Baneshan, Alice, Amrapali, Anderson, Angie, Anwar Ratol, Bailey’s Marvel, Banganapalle,  Beverly, Bombay, Brahm Kai Meu, Carabao, Carrie, Chaunsa, Chinna rasalu, Chok Anan, Coconut Cream, Cogshall, Cushman, Dasheri, Dot, Duncan, Earlygold, Edward, Eldon, Emerald, Fairchild, Fascell, Fazli, Florigon, Ford, Gary, Gir Kesar, Glenn, Gold Nugget, Golden Lippens, Graham, Harivanga, Hatcher, Himsagar, Gold Ice Cream, Irwin, Ivory, Jakarta, Jean Ellen, Julie, Kensington Pride, Lakshmanbhog, Lancetilla, Langra, Lippens, Mahachanok, Mallika, Manilita, Mulgoba, Nam Dok Mai, Osteen, Palmer, Panchadharakalasa, Parvin, Pico, Raspuri, Rosigold, Ruby, Saigon, Sammar Bahisht,  Shan-e-Khuda, Sindhri, Sophie Fry, Southern Blush, Spirit of ’76, Springfels,  Torbert, Totapuri, Valencia Pride, Van Dyke, Young, Zill  

Answer to last quiz….ALMOND…Congrats to all winners!

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