October 28th, 2021

  Market Notes October 28th, 2021


    A specialty produce company offering commodities in certainly counterintuitive, but in times of covid we have all been challenged to find new avenues for business. We can’t do drive-throughs or home deliveries, so we expanded our product line, and it has been rewarding. As it turns out the additional products we offer will be perfect for the holiday season. We have been offering three new items with steady success since January for food box programs and it has crossed over to regular business. The icing became the cake, and the cake is made of carrots, yams, and pearl onions. Along with the 5# peeled carrots in orange and rainbow mix, we have also been shipping loads of 48/1# and 50# bulk carrots with great success. Shipping out of the central USA and Canada we can cover the entire country. With 3-day lead time we can cover just about anywhere in the country. Next up are the yams. We now offer more than the purple skin/white flesh yams (Japanese, Okinawa, RS93846). Good old fashioned Beauregards and several other common sweet potato/yam varieties are now available through Culinary. Number 1’s, mediums, and number 2’s can all be mixed to make a load. We have learned our pricing is very competitive and we are encouraged by the steady re-orders we are receiving.  The third item is pearl onions, admittedly a sort of specialty.  These are an FOB Los Angeles item.  Pearl onions are a very competitive market, but we have found a great source and steady availability for the three colors ((red, white, yellow) along with mixed.  The pearl onion program includes cippolini in 2 colors and shallots as well. We need 48 hours to put these orders up and we already see the demand growing as the holiday festivities approach. So, if you a looking for new or additional supply, please check with your Culinary Rep. for delivery times and pricing.  We hope you will be pleasantly surprised.


    Wet weather has affected both coasts over the past week and in some cases it has been good. The east coast experienced a Nor-easter which shut down roads and many businesses in Central New Jersey. Intense winds brought down many trees and the torrential rains flooded many a road, many a roof and many a basement. Fortunately, two days later, most everything appears to be back to normal. Similar rains on the west coast were nothing more than a blessing. Controlling and or eliminating current wildfires is first and foremost.  Filling up reservoirs for public consumption is essential as well, providing a little relief to all the residential allocations. And finally, the agriculture fields that have been thirsty for quite a while.  There will be some flooding were crops got wiped and flooded fields restricted entry, but that will change quickly and future fields will thrive. When we finally complete the east/west water tunnel this will be more than a blessing, it will mean resolve.  


I begin green with envy but turn red with fire.  Cultivated in the Veneto region of Italy dating back to the 1500’s, Italy is still my largest producer.  While Southern France has also been known to fill their fields with me I am also becoming a favorite on America’s West Coast, as well as exciting farmers in Central America.  My wine-red leaves are striking when contrasted with my creamy white ribs.  I must have cool nights to achieve my appealing color.  If I am kept completely in the dark I fail to achieve my full red stature and my head of leave becomes marbled in pink.  With limited light I get a patchy green or copper color.  I’m really happy with warm days and cool nights, so leave me that way and I’ll glow for you, OK?  People like my tight compact head, and it seems the heavier the better. My bitter flavor contrasts well in fresh green salads but it’s tough to get a whole leaf of me unless you pick from my center. I am also good as a vessel for chicken, shrimp, potato, rice or fruit salads and I can brighten up any stir-fry.  When poached I become a bit softer, but the trade-off is loss of color.  I have also been found in pasta dishes, omelets, or halved and charred on the grill.   Know to stimulate appetite and as a diuretic, I contain folic acid, potassium, and vitamin C.  

Answer to last weeks quiz…INDIAN CORN…Congrats to all winners!

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