Sept. 24, 2020

  Market Notes Sept. 24, 2020



At this writing 18,200 firefighters are battling 26 major wildfires after quickly containing 23 others. The good news is that the firefighters are gaining ground.  Cooler temperatures and calmer winds are rapidly increasing the percent of control. Also the flames now appear to be truly in the wild as people and places are safer. But a lot of damage has been done and the restoration process that has already begun and will take many years. Amazingly the produce industry as a whole was barely affected. Some equipment, some sheds were destroyed, but considering the scope and range of the flames the California produce industry was blessed. The impact on product availability and price will be limited if at all. Now, if we continue to Coviderate, all the field hands  harvesters will be back om the job and produce  operations will be back to full capacity. Then, we will continue to feed the world.  


Pumpkin spice is in everything edible, apple cider, both hard and soft, and no one is sitting on the front porch shelling summer peas. We want pears, chestnuts and all things pumpkin. Culinary is ready. From 25 to 60 count of standard pumpkins, bins of varietal pumpkins, hard shell squash, pumpkin pie kits, assorted hard shell squash (delacata, acorn, spaghetti, butternut and hubbard), along with Indian corn and those decorative class ornamentals that make you scratch your head wondering how they were grown. This is all bin product so the prices will be great and they will be fresh from the field.  As another holiday approaches where gathering will be questionable, baking and home decorating will be on the rise. Contact Culinary for all your holiday supplies. .


     Yeah we got creamers, we got minis, we got B’s and A’s too. And shipping from Texas is cheaper for you. But the flavors are in and Colorado is the place.  We have three great varieties to put a smile on your face. The Harvest Moon we told you is the brightest yellow around. Its flavor’s so rich it will reverse any frown.  The Binjte is a classic from Belgium ripped off by France.  The original French fry so good you will dance.  Then there is Nicola the nutty one of the bunch.  A flavor so earthy it almost has a crunch. We can put them in bags, two sized boxes or totes. You must try these great flavors to fill your belly and warm your throats. So quick call your sales rep and order some now. Then you’ fry bake or boil them and we’ll show you how.  


    I am a part of the ascomycete family, but many think I am a basidiomycete. I am more closely related to jelly fungi and coral fungi than you may think. Confusing as this may seem, I am still the most popular, and some say the “aristocrat” of the bunch. Be extremely careful not to confuse me with look-a-likes because some are poisonous, and some falsely take on my image. I grow in the wild, but can be found in most specialty food stores. I am both an import from Europe and domestically grown in the United States. Like many of my “so-thought” relatives, I only grow in unique climatic conditions, but those conditions can occur anytime between April and August. I can be found peeking from just melted snow. Climate and environment can determine whether I am black, blond, or white. Traditionally I could only be found in the wild, but recently you humans have managed to cultivate me in factories; you have replicated my shape and size but you’ll never duplicate my unique nutty, earthy flavor. My stems can be quite tough, and I taste best when I have a short stem. I am hollow inside, and have a honeycomb design on my, in most cases, club-shaped top. My culinary uses are diverse; from the common stuffer to the most exquisite of cuisine, I am certain to tantalize your tongue. If you’re a die-hard nutritionist, then don’t bother eating me; I have very little nutritional content. Maybe a trace of vitamin C, and a little bit of iron, a smidgen of calcium and tad of fiber.  I am about flavor and the Rites of Spring. Unfortunately, I am often the result of catastrophe.


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