Sept. 3, 2020

  Market Notes Sept. 3, 2020



     It’s Labor Day and it’s our own special way to say hey to the American worker

They worked 12 hour days and worked all seven days so this story is quite a tear jerker.

In 1882 10K New York City workers were threw marching from City Hall to Union Square unpaid

Conditions and pay and the hours each day created revolt and the first Labor Day Parade.

In 1886 Chicago jailed more than six, even with no evidence the court would not buy it

Many folk died and although labor tried, this turned into the Haymarket Riot.

So we celebrate today for those who paved the way for good vibes between worker and boss

We have struggled for years for fair wages with no fears, but often it ends up in loss.

This year it’s a stinger with a pandemic clinger and an election not too far away

With our country divided and races collided, a parade with social distance won’t play.

So let’s use our brains and our hearts to find the best parts to stay safe and remember this day

Use a mask and keep a distance while we calm the resistance and remember we all want to stay.


I am one of the oldest known vegetables, and second in popularity only to the potato.  Eaten by the Chinese several thousand years ago, I was also used as K-rations when Caesar invaded Britain.  They even named a doll after me with my own birth certificate.  Eaten with vinegar before a meal I can temper the worst of stomachaches / or hangovers.  I am red, pink, green, blue, purple or white and sometimes I can be variegated.  I can be a flat, round, or pointed head or in leaf form.  I lose moisture rapidly so to avoid wilting keep me wrapped and cool.  I am a major part of an Irish traditional meal, and a major part of American picnics.  I get stuffed, shredded, steamed, baked, or just eaten raw.  In many foods stands throughout the world I am fermented and slathered on top of cooked pork parts stuffed in a casing placed inside a roll.  When I am being cooked, your nose will let you know I am being heated unless you hide my odor by placed some bread in my cooking liquid.  An abundant source of vitamin C, I have also been used as a remedy for sore throats and cataracts.  We are low in fat and low in protein, but our high fiber content makes us a good source of roughage.


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