September 16th, 2021

  Market Notes September 16th, 2021



Early next week we begin harvest of our favorite potato other than fingerlings, the Harvest Moon.  The Harvest Moon is a proprietary round variety that has a smooth purple skin and a blinding yellow flesh. It is the best yellow flesh potato we have ever tasted, regardless of skin color. Yukon Gold and other yellow flesh varieties simply do not compare to the Harvest Moon in color and taste. On the retail side this is a hard sell because the purple skin is counter-intuitive to the color of the flesh, but food service and production facilities are starting to catch on.  There are several varieties of purple skin/yellow flesh potatoes on the market, but when we have samples, the Harvest Moon has prevailed. Additionally, these potatoes are grown biotically (take care of the soil and the soil will take care of the plant) using less water and no chemicals, one step beyond organic. Late last season the Harvest Moon gained some traction, from potato chips to processing and a steady following has begun. We expect to support that following and expand our distribution.  We invite serious customers to take the Harvest Moon test.  We will send you a 5# sample to taste test against your favorite yellow variety and you can tell us what you think. Harvest Moon are grown in Center, Colorado and packed in Mosca, Colorado in totes, 50-pound cases, or poly bags. Forward distribution is available on both coast as is FOB pick-up and direct delivery.  Samples will ship late next week, don’t miss out.  


Once again freight is restricting trade. Air rates from Peru and other Central American ports are so high they have become restrictive and almost all product is moving by boat. Boats get held up in docks and causes gaps which increases the cost of product. Currently, this is absolutely the case with asparagus. There are gaps which cause serious price increases and quality can be compromised as water transport is slower than air transport. Combine this with Mexico winding down, rainy season in Guatemala, limited domestic product, and very quickly demand is greater than supply.  French beans are in the same boat (literally) and are practically non-existent.  Snap peas have gone up in price and snow peas have soared in price if you can even find them. Peeled carrots are still a good deal and teardrop tomatoes seem to be a good value as well. As new fields come into harvest time this market will soften but it would not be a big surprise if we see a roller coaster market through the holidays.  


   I am the smallest member of my family. I wasn’t always this small, I’ve just become rounded over the years.  Native to China, where I was cultivated over 5000 years ago, I was basically flat.  The Chinese turned on the Greeks to me and before long I was in every European garden worth mentioning.     While my medicinal value is limited when compared to the relief my relatives offer, I fooled many a country into believing I was magic.  I had them hang me up by the bunch in hopes of warding off evil spirits and disease. Truth be told, I did none of this, but I made for nice decoration when dried. My sulfur content is very slight so you won’t get any bitter overtones from me, like you would from my brothers and sisters.  From my tall thin filiform leaves, I produce lovely flowers in white, pink, or purple that are a perfect garnish or colorful addition sprinkled over a salad.  We are cut in bunches and never uprooted because we continually grow back.  Our delicate texture and subtle flavor, along with our elegant length, is perfect for numerous fresh uses.  You will find us cooked into eggs, potatoes, and several sauces, but we must be added at the last minute or our flavor will be lost.  In decorative fashion we are often found holding the asparagus or beans together.  We also help poor people hold onto their change, providing a civic duty to the community. I have also been known to get dried, tied, and classically supplied. If you want to juice me, I can be used as a vermifuge.  

Answer to last weeks quiz…HEARTS OF PALM…Congrats to all winners!

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