September 29, 2016

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September 29, 2016



Now that the organic russet and rounds are up and running, it’s time to check in on our Colorado fingerlings. We have been harvesting our Russian Banana Fingerlings for about 5 weeks now and we expect to clear our award winning, biotically managed fields by the middle of next week. However, we have been filling our storage units and started the sweat several weeks ago and next week we will begin to run pack and ship. Along with the Russian Banana we will also be able to offer, a new red alternative called Cherie Red. This fingerling has a deep red skin with yellow flesh, you’ll love them. On the traditional side, we will be packing French Fingerling and Ruby Crescent. All the above mentioned varieties are grown organically and can be packed as an organic mix. No organic purple, that is conventional only. We will begin FOB shipping by next Friday from Mosca, Colorado and forward distribution will begin with Sunrise Trucking by October 17th. Please contact your Culinary Rep for photos and pricing. Now that we have covered the fingerling category we move onto the next great Colorado deal which is none other than the……


They’re baaaaack! This will be our second year marketing these extremely unique varieties and we are proud to do it. We learned a lot after our first season. While we were forced to change the name from Midnight to Harvest, we did not change the flavor or that brilliant yellow flesh. Last year our tag line was “Purple Is The New Yellow”, we have changed that for this season as well. The new tag line for this season will be “The Gold Is On The Inside”. Ain’t that catchy? We continue with the challenge of educating the buyer, merchandiser, and consumer. One taste and they are sold so we are open to in store demos if you would like to inquire. We have “A” size for foodservice and “B” size for retail poly bags. As this is a new and tricky product we are definitely down for promos and ads. For the masquerade we learned that the color fades at the end of the season but that is in May. Right now they are food art. The purple swirl on the gold russeted skin is something to stare at. The Masquerade is a potato to be served whole to bring out its natural beauty. When stuffed with veggies, cheese, chili, guacamole, or even gribenes (google it), the masquerade is a center of the plate showstopper, a memorable appetizer, or a halftime delight. Both are available for shipping by mid-October. Harvest Moon potatoes are available conventionally and organically. Masquerade are only available conventionally.


A native of the New World, I was introduced to Europe at the beginning of the sixteenth century and I am now also naturalized in parts of the Mediterranean, Africa, Asia, and Australia. My plant produces a fruit and me, a vegetable. You may call me by my Spanish name, but I am usually sold under a botanically incorrect term, as I am actually the tender oval pads or new growth joints of my plant’s stem. I’m crisp, with slipperiness like okra and a flavor like green pepper, string beans and asparagus, with a tangy edge. I’m around from early spring to late fall, but I peak in mid-spring. Buy me bright and firm, and then remove any prickers or eyes before you chop, dice or slice me. Serve me raw or cooked — steam, sauté, or add me to soup or stew. My plant was named the state fruit/vegetable by Texas in 1995 and I’m a favorite food of the kangaroo rat. Acitrones are me, candied, packed in sugar syrup, and available in cans or jars. I have large amounts of vitamins A and C, as well as B and iron. My mucilage is valued by the cosmetics and medical industries. You used to have to go “South of the border, down Mexico way . . .” as an old song says, to enjoy these. Not for use in pillows, beach blankets or shoes.


Answer To Last Week’s Quiz…HEARTS OF PALM…Congrats To All Winners

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