September 8, 2016

  Market Notes
September 8, 2016



The holiday weekend brought us good news. We checked our fields on Saturday and wouldn’t you know it, the skins stayed on. That means it’s time to harvest. We wet the field for a couple of days so we wouldn’t destroy the potatoes. Then we dug and first crop arrived today. We begin packing tomorrow and it is great to be back into the fields we expected to harvest almost a month ago. This means three things. First we have all the potatoes you need, and please feel free to challenge that with large orders anytime. Second price will return to reasonable prices, and finally we will once again have consistent quality. We really appreciate the loyal customers who stayed with us and now you will be rewarded. We now have the full complement of fingerlings; Russian Banana, Ruby Crescent, French Fingerlings, and Purple Peruvian. Organically we have the Russian Banana and Ruby Crescent. There will be more organic colors in the weeks to come.


Rarely do we come across new items in specialty produce. It is either packaging or price. This one borders on the uber weird. The subject is Turmeric and the spec is baby. We will send pictures on request but the term will be Young Turmeric. This product is greenhouse grown in Watsonville, California and can be cut the root only or the root with some of the stalk. At the base of the stem the color is orange but not as rugged a color as the mature plant. The tips are white. Fronds are also available and for those Turmeric die-hards there will be a few of the amazingly stunning Turmeric Flowers on a 14-16 inch stalk available. And if that’s not enough for you the product is organic as well. This is so new we do not have a developed pack yet so we are selling it by the pound. We can cut only the root or we can cut root and stalk to your specifications. This product is cut to order so the Young Turmeric won’t stay young forever. Please contact your Culinary Rep for more information, cost and pictures.


I am famous for playing hard to get, yet the few that are graced with my presence find me on a small tropical tree cultivated in parts of Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, and the Philippines. I am the reigning queen member of the Guttiferaceae family and am actually referred to as “Queen of the Tropical Fruits.” I grow at my own leisure, which is usually in a timely fashion, and I am difficult to propagate, even down right persnickety. My thick vibrant skin is strikingly handsome. I share the same purplish red skin color as a pomegranate, but I am far more beautiful, both inside and out. My insides are segmented into small pulpy white to ivory sections. My pulp is delicate, yet powerfully sweet and juicy. My exotic flavor has been described as a mixture of pineapple, apricot, orange and grape. Taste me and I will practically melt in your mouth. My pulp can be pureed and used as a topping for ice cream, sherbet or tossed in fruit salad. Most take delight in scooping me right out of my chilled skin. In Indonesia, lucky for them, I am actually abundant, and I am often used in recipes for pickles and vinegar. If you are blessed with fashion sense, you may be wearing my eye catching color on your belt, shoes, wallet or gloves because my skin contains tannins, used for dying certain materials. I contain potassium and vitamin C as well as traces of iron and niacin. If my name were broken down you would find the name of another member of the fruit family, but believe me there is no relation. Contrary to popular opinion I never had a Bar-Mitzvah and have no religious affiliations.

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Answer To Last Week’s Quiz…SUNFLOWER…Congrats To All Winners

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