Specialty Potato Alliance

The S.P.A. Story

In 2009, two of the country’s most respected Fingerling Potato growers teamed up with two of the country’s largest Fingerling Potato distributors with the goal of developing, marketing and distributing the finest specialty potatoes available.
Since then, S.P.A. has made a name for itself by doing exactly what we set out to do.
We have introduced three entirely new Fingerling varieties and numerous packaging options to the marketplace, kicked off an organic line, established year-round, seamless delivery routes through our forward distribution facilities and have radically redefined the genre of specialty potatoes.
Taste for yourself what Fingerling Potatoes can be when grown by passionate and dedicated Farmers Who Care.

SPA_clip_image006_0000Specialty Potato Alliance 12/1.5#   ORGANIC
Assorted Fingerling Potatoes
80 cases/pallet

Case Dimensions-17”Lx14”Wx6.5”H




Specialty Potato Alliance 12/1.5# ORGANIC
Red Fingerling Potatoes
80 cases/pallet
Case Dimensions-17”Lx14”Wx6.5”H

Specialty Potato Alliance 12/1.5# ORGANIC
Yellow Fingerling Potatoes
80 cases/pallet
Case Dimensions-17”Lx14”Wx6.5”H

SPA_clip_image002_0002Specialty Potato Alliance 12/1.5#      

 Combination Bag
80 cases/pallet
Case Dimensions-17”Lx14”Wx6.5”H


Specialty Potato Alliance 12/1.5#
Paper Bag
80 cases/pallet
Case Dimensions-17”Lx14”Wx6.5”H



Specialty Potato Alliance 12/1.5# Vexar w/Header
80 cases/pallet
Case Dimensions-17”Lx14”Wx6.5”H


Culinary Harvest 12/1.5# Paper
Fingerling Potato Assortment
80 cases/pallet
Case Dimensions-17”Lx14”Wx6.5”H



Culinary Harvest 12/2# Vexar
Golden Fingerling
80 cases/pallet
Case Dimensions-17”Lx14x6.5”


Culinary Harvest 12/2# Vexar
Purple Peruvian Fingerling
80 cases/pallet
Case Dimensions-17”Lx14”wx6.5”H


Culinary Harvest 12/2# Vexar
Ruby Crescent Fingerling
80 cases/pallet
Case Dimensions-17”Lx14”Wx6.5”H


Culinary Harvest 12/2# Vexar
La Rouge Fingerling
80 cases/pallet
Case Dimensions-17”Lx14”Hx6.5”H


    Culinary Harvest 12/2# Vexar
Fingerling Potatoes
80 cases/pallet
Case Dimensions-17”Lx14”x6.5”H

SPA_clip_image002_0000Culinary Harvest 10/5#
La Rouge Fingerling Potatoes
50 cases/Pallet
UPC: 661438552754
Case Dimensions- 20”L x 13” x 9” H


Culinary Harvest 10/5#
Golden Fingerling Potatoes
50 cases/ pallet
Case Dimensions- 20”L x 13” x 9 H



SPA_clip_image002_0005Ruby Crescent Fingerling Potatoes-This beloved variety offers a slightly more knobby look than the Russian Banana.  Its pinkish/tan skin conceals a firm, waxy yellowish flesh.  Available in Organic or Conventional


SPA_clip_image004_0005French Fingerling Potatoes
– More round than many fingerlings, this variety’s smooth and shiny pink/red skin covers a drier, fluffier yellow flesh with streaks of reddish pink.  It offers a creamy texture and slightly nutty flavor.  Available in Organic or Conventional


SPA_clip_image006_0005Purple Peruvian Fingerling Potatoes-An heirloom variety native to the Andes, this knobby   skinned beauty has a firm and waxy texture and a nutty, earthy flavor.  It’s deep, rich, purple flesh retains its color even after cooking.  Available in Organic or Conventional


SPA_clip_image008_0000Rockey Rose Fingerling Potatoes-This wonderful fingerling is a proprietary variety available only through Specialty Potato Alliance.  Its smooth pinkish skin and fluffy yellow flesh make this little beauty one of our best selling varieties. Available in Organic or Conventional.



SPA_clip_image002_0005Red Rebel Fingerling Potatoes- Another proprietary fingerling potato variety available
through S.P.A. A rose wine colored skin gives way to a pale yellow flesh with mottled pink/red streaks.  Its flesh is fluffy and its flavor is slightly nutty.  Available in Organic or Conventional


SPA_clip_image004_0006Merlot Fingerling Potatoes-The latest addition to the S.P.A. Family of Products.  The    Merlot’s skin is a deep purple/maroon shade reminiscent of this potato’s namesake wine.  The Merlot offers consumers rich flavor and a creamy texture sure to please.  Available in Organic or Conventional


S.P.A. Mixed Fingerling Potatoes-S.P.A. offers numerous assortments of our fine fingerling potatoes.  All combined for a colorful and tasty addition to any meal or menu. Available in Organic or Conventional

Culinary Harvest Golden Fingerlings-A NEW product from S.P.A.!!  We allow our Golden fingerlings to grow to a larger size than our standard fingerlings.  This larger potato offers greater flexibility of use without sacrificing the great flavor and texture that you’ve come to expect from S.P.A. fingerlings.  All at a considerably lower price point!


Culinary Harvest La Rouge Fingerlings-Another NEW product from S.P.A.!!  Just like our Golden Fingerlings, the La Rouge is a larger, more flexible red skin fingerling that retains all of the fantastic flavor and texture of our standard fingerling potatoes.  Great for soups, roasting and much, much more


Pack Sizes Available through Specialty
Potato Alliance

-Retail Packs-
-12/1.5# SPA Assorted Organic Plastic w/ Mesh-
-12/1.5# SPA Red Organic Plastic w/ Mesh-
-12/1.5# SPA Yellow Organic Plastic w/ Mesh-
-12/1.5# SPA Conventional Plastic w/Mesh-
-12/1.5# SPA Paper-
-12/1.5# SPA Mesh w/ Header-
_12/1.5# Cul. Hvst. Paper
-12/1.5# Cul. Hvst. Mesh w/ Header-
-10/5# Cul. Hvst.Poly-

Foodservice Packs
-10# Bulk Box-
-20# Bulk Box-
-50# Bulk Box-