Market Notes
June 13th, 2024




   As we go through the yearly trails and tribulations of the ever so brief fresh ramp season we always end up in the same place. They are done and we have bulbs has always been the final chapter. We hope to collect enough of the frozen five pound bags to cover until the next ramp season begins.  In fact, our biggest pull of the frozen ramp bulbs is just before the new fronds are harvested and the bulbs are gone usually before the first pick of fresh product. This year is looking a bit different. This appears to be for two reasons.  While there is still time to obtain more ramp bulbs, to date we have received about forty percent less than in previous years. Add to that, the demand for fresh ramp bulbs has been very strong this year, so not as many have made it to the freezer. If this is a product you use, we recommend making those purchases now as they might not be available next spring. It’s your freezer our ours, but in yours you are sure it will be there. In the meantime,  let’s enjoy the continually dropping prices on foraged fresh morels and eastern fiddlehead ferns, just to keep the forage moving forward.



    Lots of potato shifting this week. First, as we have been warning for several weeks, our Oregon fingerling grower sent out his last order to us. We look forward to starting up again in the fall.  Next we just heard today that our Colorado growers are just about finished up.  A few fingerlings remain, but reds are done, and yellows are only large and limited. Organic russet?  Fuhgeddaboudit! This is just about right on schedule for Colorado, if anything the season went a bit long. What will we do until they start running again?  Have no fear, Culinary is here with a line up of three growers, including both conventional and organic, all conveniently located in the central California region, covering all things fingerling, round, mini, micro, mutant, pee-wee,  medium. And more. With the Northwest and Southwest shutting down operations, you know prices are going to go up, but not everybody has caught on yet so there is a great window to load from central California where the quality is sublime, and the price is in line.



    Bourbon, Whiskey, Pop, Blue, White, Yellow, Bi-Color, Fritter, Pone, Sticks, Cob, Dodgers, Hominy, Hush Puppy,  Flakes, Pudding, Bread, Meal, Syrup, Dent, Flint, Sweet, Flour, Posole, Tamales, Baby, Black, Aztec, Dog, Y, Teosinte, Husk, Peruvian Morado, Mayo Bachi, Bloody Butcher, Trucker’s Favorite White, Lancaster Surecrop, Rhode Island White Cap, Parching Lavender, Papago, Texas Shoepeg, Schroeder’s Black, Chocolate Cherry, Calico, Strawberry, Indian, Iopop, Peppy, Reventador, Butter and Sugar, Honey and Cream, Peaches and Cream, Honeymoon, Quickie, Twice-As-Nice, Hooker’s Sweet Indian, Midnight Snack, Stardust, Platinum Lady, Country Gentleman, Howling Mob, N.K. 199, Bodacious Miracle, Sugar Buns, Golden Midget, Orchard Baby, Smut, Starch,  and on your feet.


  The answer to last weeks quiz is…PINEAPPLE….Congrats to all winners
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