Dec 5,2019

  Market Notes Dec 5,2019



     Next week it begins…The 2019 Sugar Belle season will be upon us. Some of the most amazing flavor produced in the state of Florida will be ready to load.  Sizes ranging from 64ct thru 150ct (smaller sizes are great in bags!) will be packed, palletized and waiting for pick up in Vero Beach. The Orri Mandarin will be ready as well. A world-wide favorite, it’s a perfect complement to the Sugar Belle.  No citrus collection is complete without these two show stoppers!  Looking to close 2019 with a flavor explosion?  Culinary is here to light the fuse! On the other coast finger limes, Cara-Cara, kumquats, Kaffir limes, Meyer lemons, Sudachi and Buddha hands are readily available and at some of the best prices of the season.  If you are looking for a citrus cornucopia, now is the time for the best selection. For all this and more please contact your Culinary rep.  


     One of our favorite people in the Central American deal has gone out on their own. After over 20 years of working the deals for others, they have made deals with their own growers and a new company is born. We are sure you will hear a lot about Tierra Maya but you have heard it here first. They are currently shipping snow peas, snap peas, baby squash, French beans, peeled carrots (both orange and rainbow) along with blue and black berries. Asparagus will begin late January.  We love this deal because of the wonderful pricing and the fact that the owner of this new business will be looking at every box. There are a lot of shippers in Florida that handle these products but it is often hard to get the quality inspection that is required for good arrivals. Plus we know it is grower direct. We will not be publishing this pricing so as not to rock the markets but you can call us or (most likely) we will be in touch with you. This program does follow the traditional Friday and Monday loading and is primarily for our east coast customers.  Airport programs and overnight delivery is available as well but that adds a lot of cost. We look forward to promoting this program as it will be a win-win-win for our friend, our customers and us!  


    I am the berry of a tropical evergreen West Indian tree, Pimenta officinalis, or Eugenia pimenta.  Although I am often called many names and I sound like I would be a combination of many flavors I am truly an individual.  By taste I combine the fragrance of cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, and some say ginger.  I am primarily grown in Jamaica, where my walk fills the air with aroma.  Sometimes called a bayberry I am grown to full size but picked unripe.  I am then dried out in the sun until I am pea sized and brown. Then I am ground into the popular powder you use.  Sometimes my berries are sold whole and you can grind me yourself to maximize my intensity.  If they would only let me mature my taste would be sweet and hot.  In Ancient times I was used in Aztec and Mayan kitchens but today I am particularly popular in Sweden and Finland.  I am added to sausages, pickles, marinating liquids, fish dishes, tomato juice cocktails, and mulled drinks.  My essential oil contains eugenol, which is used to manufacture vanillin.  Medically I am known to alleviate flatulence.  

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