January 19th, 2023

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January 19th, 2023



   President Biden just landed at the Watsonville  airport, about a mile from our California office. He is here to view the destruction of the wharfs, roads and homes at sea level and is scheduled to make an announcement about the destruction  later this afternoon from Aptos, our neighboring town. We hope he gets a chance to visit the hills and valleys that are a bit inland and have suffered from numerous floods from the hills and overflowing creeks and culverts.  Houses, roads, cars, and unfortunately people have been wiped out. To that end, one of our more popular local farms is 8 feet underwater and temporarily wiped out. Happy Boy Farms has lost numerous acres dues to flooding and is shut down completely.  Not only are they a local favorite for a variety of crops, they are nationally known for their heirloom tomatoes that not only taste fabulous, they have the legs to make it cross country and then some. This organic farm has started a go fund me page to try and recoup his business. Needless  to say, Greg, the grower, is not a happy boy.  You can go to the go fund me page and search for Happy Boy Farms or contact us for other ways to support this wonderful farm. Rains still abound in Central and Northern California, but they are less fierce, shorter, and often followed by sunshine. Now back to the rainy season.  


   Two hundred and eight-two pages released yesterday define the new NOS (National Organic Standards) rules.  While we have not gone through it, and we will, early results are the organoheads are pleased, and brokers should be thrilled. Someone finally understood the definition of the words handling, and there seems to be exceptions for those who do not physically handle the produce. Brokers who buy and sell organic produce without physically touching it will be required to provide and maintain legitimate certification of all organic product they buy. While we cannot speak for other businesses who trade in organic produce, for us this is a primary requirement demanded from our customers, just like insurance and food safety certs. Access upon request will remain important and doing this will support the integrity of the organic program. We are happy to be able to support this effort without being extorted.    

The answer to last weeks quiz was….AMARANTH… Congrats to all winners.

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