January 26, 2017

  Market Notes
January 26, 2017


If organic greens are your thing, you are going to suffer a bit longer. Organic spinach and organic arugula are still suffering from the heavy rains which, by the way, have subsided for the past four days. Humidity has also changed quite a bit. It has stayed under fifty percent and that is ideal for baby greens. Baby lettuce will be available next as will frisee and just about all conventional baby greens. The best news is that equipment can get back in the field and the damage that has been done to the greens is done. Baby lettuces will be available for loading as normal on Tuesday January 31. There should be little problem with all the other greens save spinach and arugula. Citrus trees and pastures are drying out and harvest on specialty citrus will improve. Tangerines should be very juicy as we enter the sweet season. Finger limes are still out until March. One positive of the heavy rains other than ending a drought is the early crop of…….


Who talks about morel mushrooms in January? When the Pacific Northwest is basically soggy and soft, we do. If they have not hit the market yet they are expected tomorrow or next week. These are orchard morels so they might be a bit sandy and the color will be light brown. Prices will most likely be sky high and with forage this early there will most likely be a gap before the steady season begins. Jump on this now if you want a piece of this early flush. Domestic black truffles are also readily available as a result of the continual rains and price is down a bit indicating the anticipated volume.


Probably the second largest restaurant day of the year, Valentine’s Day provides an exceptional opportunity to show off food art. One of those items is our now famous pink tinted orchids. They are a pre-order only and Monday is the last day to order these in time for the holiday. They come by the case. Each case has 10 containers of 50 count each. This special variety is more delicate than our standard orchids and as such the shelf life is not as long. Please contact Lisa in our main office if you are interested. Red endive is also available for the holiday and every root vegetable can be cut into a heat and packaged to your specification. Rose petals and edible mini roses are also available for additional culinary love.


I am an evergreen, a native of Brazil. I proudly rise up to 40 feet high. I grow in warm, subtropical, and cool tropical regions. I am harvested 5 to 6 times a year, as I have to be separated from the 1 to 4 inch spear shaped leaves protecting me. I am round and only one inch in diameter. My thick black, maroon or purple skin gives way to my white or pinkish translucent pulp. I grow out of the larger branches and directly from the trunk of the tree. Highly cultivated in Rio de Janeiro, I have also been seen occasionally in the United States and have even traveled as far as Australia. Often enjoyed fresh, we can also be used in fruit salads or as a garnish. I create succulent jams, jellies, juices and wines. My high sugar content makes a satisfying snack while providing ample amounts of vitamin C.

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