July 16, 2020

  Market Notes July 16, 2020



Maybe the ominous headline convinced you to read further, it was our intent. Originally from Iran, then to France and England and eventually grown on the plantations of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson the Green Gage plum (named after Sir William Gage) will be in season at Andy’s Orchards in two weeks. These ping pong ball sized plums are true heirlooms and completely green with none of the red or purple colors of cross bred varieties. This fruit does not produce a crop every year but Andy’s hand pollinates the blossoms so as long as the weather agrees, there is now a crop every year. Why all the hoopala? The season is short, about three weeks, and the fruit is phenomenal. The Green Gage enjoys the reputation of the finest dessert plum available and is also outstanding for eating out of hand. It is the memorable fruit in a fruit basket and while apologizing for the cliché, we bet you can’t eat just one.  Harvest of the Green Gage plum begins in about two weeks and this crop is often pre-ordered. So, here is your opportunity to do just that.  Product is grown, picked and packed in Morgan Hill, California, just outside of San Jose. Green Gage plums are packed in 5# cases and can be delivered for consolidation almost anywhere between San Francisco and Los Angeles or loaded FOB. Green Gage plums are perfect for high end food boxes, baked goods, sauces, compotes, coulis or very miniature bowling. Please contact your culinary rep for pricing and logistic details.  


The Morel market is winding down quickly but we should have availability through next week. Chanterelle mushrooms are available but they are imported from Poland and France.   Lemon Oyster mushrooms from South Korea are a pre-order and Bluefoot mushrooms are in stock.  Summer truffles from Italy, Chilean black truffles in three classes, frozen Perigord black truffles are all in stock. Wasabi from Oregon is ready to ship and the two pound frozen Huitlacoche is back in stock. Frozen greens include ramp bulbs and fiddlehead ferns.   Cultivated specialty mushrooms include, black Maitake, golden Enoki, Woodear, Hon Shemeji, and baby Shiitake. All items are available for overnight delivery.  


Ancient and Asian, I’m larger and more revered than my western counterparts, and my long, white (sometimes green-shouldered), shape distinguishes me from American and European varieties.  My earliest existence is documented in archeological remains of northern China; it’s believed that I traveled westward following the path of human migrations.  I was introduced to Japan only one thousand years ago and am now the country’s most widely grown vegetable. In England, in the Middle Ages, I was prescribed as a remedy for “woman’s chatter” and depression.  Early on, sailors ate me to prevent scurvy and as a remedy for colds.  In addition to lots of vitamin C, I have only 10 calories per half cup.  Raw, I’m fresh and snappy, with a juicy crispness; I can be sweet and mild to fairly hot and pungent.  Peel me like a carrot, cook me like a turnip, grate me or foam me, pickle me, or carve me into decorative shapes.  I’m loved in tempura dipping sauces, with sushi, or call me Mooli and cook me in Indian food.  You may use my black Spanish relative because he’s the same size and shape, but only I can be gift-wrapped as a token of esteem in Japan.


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