May 28, 2020

  Market Notes May 28, 2020



So the fresh ramp season is over. At least the fresh full ramp season is over. The fronds are no longer worth shipping. It was a very odd ramp season. For most of the growing period, supply was much greater than demand except for the past few weeks.  When people found out they were just about done they went crazy and got what they could making the last week the best sales week of the season. Farmers Markets and specialty grocers finally jumped in and of course now they want more. Ain’t that always the way!  But, for those ramp diehards, we do have an offering; fresh ramp bulbs.  These are packed in single pound deli containers with retail labeling. Easy to ship easy to use we will have these in stock for about one month before we go to frozen ramp bulbs.


Our central California grower has begun shipping new crop fingerling potatoes. This is a fine looking crop that leans towards the larger size of the two to four in range. It also means there will be more jumbos and fewer pee-wee’s.  Our three color fingerling mix is easily available and we can also do straight colors including yellow, red, and purple. We also have rounds in white, red, yellow and purple.  This year, on a limited basis we are offering yellow marble potatoes. Product is available FOB in Edison, California or can be consolidated for LA delivery six days a week.  Please call for pricing and logistics on this fresh conventional harvest.

PMA- NO WAY- (tease two)

     Chicken drippin’ fingerlingin’ roasted potatoes were going to make their national debut at the PMA Fresh Summit the year in Dallas, Texas. As ease of cooking and greatness of tasting were to be paramount for our booth at this national produce show, we have decided to opt out this year. While we are not sure if this event will even occur, we feel that even if it did, attendee confidence will not yet be at a level that would create the interest and excitement we know this product will create. So we will look for other ways to tempt and expose.


  I am the proud, the sweet, the fruit of the Chicle tree.  I produce a milky latex that is boiled down to form the major ingredient in chewing gum.  I am native to South America, but I am also grown in the West Indies, the Philippines, South Florida, and other tropical climates.  Some say I look like a cross between a potato and an apple.  I am round, lemon shaped or oblong, about 3 inches in diameter with a russeted rough, grayish brown edible skin.  I have four inedible black seeds (used to make tea) with a soft, sweet, fragrant pulp that is fine grained.  My flavor can be likened to the flavors of brown sugar or maple syrup.  Eaten with my skin on, like an apple, will mellow my intense sweetness.  My honey blonde deep reddish brown melt-in-your mouth pulp can be eaten out of hand or used in pancakes, rice custard and sherbet, fruit salads and wine.  I can also do amazing things to a root beer float.  I am quite high in fiber and considered to be a good source of potassium.  I contain vitamin C, sodium and iron as well.


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