October 27, 2016

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October 27, 2016



Three years ago there was nothing. Two years ago there was nothing. Last year was just below average. This year we are starting early. If you were to drive throughout central California you would see water in the reservoirs. You would also see the sides that show where the water line should be. While it would be tough to call central California in drought conditions, surface water is low and aquifers are low. So it is with great joy we celebrate early and steady rains. Unless, of course, there is too much too quickly. Growers still have to get into their fields and that seems to be a current concern. Heavy rains are predicted in the central California growing region including Salinas, Watsonville, Castroville, Hollister, and surrounding areas. This storm is expected to run through Tuesday. While the ground loves it, the tractors don’t. Come Monday we may be stuck in the fields which will wreak havoc on the supply chain. While we can no longer afford our subscription to Mother Nature, we would recommend loading early (Friday, Saturday) to avoid what might perhaps be an empty cooler Monday. Just three weeks away from transition, we will do our very best to keep you informed.


The best of the sours are on hand, which means the Satsuma’s can’t be far behind. Before we jump into the sweet, let’s review the cool sour citrus selections. First up are finger limes, we are coming into peak season on these oblong limes whose vesicles are like caviar. Good color, great sizing, with retail options as well these limes are sweet enough to eat directly from the bush. They are growing in popularity and when you add the organic factor, they are downright hipster. Then come the show stopping Buddha Hands. From tennis ball to volley ball in size these yellow and green citron fingers are simply beautiful with a fragrance to match. A more unique seasonal centerpiece would be hard to find. For the saucier and baker we offer the Yuzu lemons and Kaffir limes. Calamondin is available for those in need of an early sour orange. Then we get into the big stuff, the grapefruit alternatives. Pumello, Oroblanco and Melogold are now available. All three are grapefruit varietals and crosses. Each has a unique flavor and range is sweetness, but none have the bitter taste of the classic grapefruit. All the above can be loaded grower direct or consolidated in LA. Enjoy these for a few weeks while the brix increases on the mandarins. Call for details or with full load orders.


I ooze from pores and hang on doors. I save you from fright on Halloween night. For I am so old, with flavor so bold, my story in Sanskrit can be told. In ketchup, mustard and sausage I be, and powdered in pizza to stimulate thee. Roast me slowly and squeeze my head, you’ll not be using any butter for your bread. Curing consumption and easing all pain, when it comes to amounts there is no refrain. Braid me, sauté me, put me in sauce, without my aroma your food’s at a loss. If you are to marry and scared of the flight, my clove in your buttonhole will ensure a sweet night. I Gilroy, my home where I’m in best supply, just stick out your nose, my aroma won’t lie. There are festivals for me throughout the summer time but that’s when I cure, so you will be fine. Hang me from doorways; drape me over your bed. Whether eaten or starred at, I’m good for your head. So love me and eat me, and decorate in style; however you use me I’ll last for a while.


Answer To Last Week’s Quiz…COCONUT…Congrats To All Winners

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