October 29, 2015

  Market Notes
  October 29, 2015


The buzz continues to grow. We are now convinced that we have some wonderful new products to offer. The Masquerade is continuing to gain interest and we are seeing the results in restaurants and retail as well. This beautiful swirled yellow and purple skin is produce art. We have had reports that just placing them in bowl they become an instant center piece that is hard to take your eyes off of. For those who actually cook them the starchy potato fluffs up beautifully for bakers and are showstoppers when stuffed. People swoon over the Midnight Moon. This potato is a tease. The brilliant yellow flesh is in stark contrast to its purple skin and the flavor is not to be surpassed. Our customers are asking where to get these new all-purpose potatoes. We have just started with retail distribution and it won’t be long before they are on the menu. Aside from superlative mashed potatoes, the Midnight Moon potatoes make incredible French fries, home fries, and a to-die-for potato salad. We made ours with tarragon and it offset the entrée. Let’s talk center of plate!

Poor form to spend two headlines on the same subject but the tasting is only one month away. This year, on Wednesday, December 2, 2015 Culinary Specialty Produce will be offering samples of the Masquerade and the Midnight Moon. We will be offering the Masquerade as a baked potato and the Midnight Moon as a sautéed potato in booth 319 at the Javitz Center during the New York Produce Show. Traditionally we have used this venue to promote our Fingerling potatoes and indeed we are responsible for the introduction and growth of that potato. After five years of the same thing we just became feeders for the hungry crowd, especially when we combined it with the soup, and citrus. This year there are brand new tastes we have the privilege of turning the New York market on to. Needless to say, we are psyched to do this and more interested in enjoying our potential customer’s reactions. Turning people on to something new while you are in front of them is truly one of the joys of specialty produce, and we get to do it for seven hours straight. While we will also display our full line of specialties the star of this show is the M’s!!!

As a final follow up to the debacle from heat rain and cold in the southern California region we are pleased to report that all is back to normal. Baby carrots are no longer scarce and we have all the colors back in stock. Beets are now new crop with beautiful tops. Turnips are coming on strong and radishes are not far behind. This moderate weather trend has allowed for normal growth until the weirdness of winter hits with its La’s and El’s. There is reasonable pricing on all baby veg, once again.

As an old root, I don’t get no respect. Years of pickling and canning have made me a bit sour. While I can also be baked, braised, used in soups, or even grated into salads (a rather contemporary use for an antiquated root like me) I’m still regarded as common. I’m not just sliced item in a salad bar any more. In fact, my juice is often used in spas as part of a weight reduction program. My greens are now used as components in mesclun, another happening product! Believed to have originated in Northern Africa, my root was popular with the Romans while the peasants feasted on the leaves the Romans discarded. I have a thin skin and I am very fleshy. My colors include white, orange (gold) and red. You will need some lemon juice to keep your hands clean as I bleed when bruised, cut or watered. Our infants are eaten raw, while the mature members of our family require cooking. As a pharmafood I am said to stimulate appetite and digest easily. Our roots are an excellent source of potassium, vitamin A and vitamin C. Our leaves are also a good source of potassium as well as folic acid and magnesium. So, after all there years, I’m still the one to…..

Answer To Last Quiz….ACORN SQUASH……Congrats To All Winners
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