October 7th, 2021

  Market Notes
October 7th, 2021


    Some interesting potato opportunities are available for a short while and we hope you can take advantage of these great deals. First, the varieties, then a blurb about each.  We have great deals on jumbo purple fingerlings, jumbo red fingerlings, and purple skin/ yellow flesh rounds. First, a word about jumbo fingerlings. They are a value, plain and simple.  Unless you are using 2” and under, fingerlings are usually cut.  They aren’t thicker, they are longer, creating numerous used from vessels to coins. The purple/yellow potatoes offer two varieties: Huckleberry Gold, and Harvest Moon. Both are beautiful and for our money, there isn’t a better tasting yellow flesh round variety than the Harvest Moon.  It is also the brightest yellow we have ever seen so sunglasses might be required. While we hope these varieties will certainly tempt you, we know the pricing will.  


We are aware that in the fingerling world yellow privilege is abundant.  The Russian Banana, LaRatte, and Austrian Crescent can go when ever they want, dress however they like and are welcomed with open mouths wherever they go, regardless of size. It is the purple and the red, left behind, in the shadows, riding on the coattails of the dominant yellows.  It is only when you combine all three that fingerling harmony exists and there is peace in t he shed and on the plate.  But the colors lag behind, understanding the need more time to sweat.  Sad but true.  This week the reds came out screaming that they were ready to be sorted and loaded, but they couldn’t go far without their purple cousins. Purples, admittedly the slowest in the family, always lag behind.  They require a family reunion to shine, and we will have to wait a few more weeks for that. Someday the reds and purples will be able to keep up with the powerful yellows, creating a more perfect potato union.  Get it?


So here we go again, time to decorate with dried and painted things.  Unfortunately, the Frankenstein face pumpkins are no longer available to us, but we have most every other kind of pumpkin available. Mini, painted, pie and Jack-O-Lantern sized are readily available but if you want the biggest pumpkin on your block size (300-500pounds) we will need some advance notice for that. Add to that the gourds, the hay, the wheat shafts, the glycerin leaves, the off shaped Turks turban and blue hubbard squash, and even white pumpkins.  So if you want to “fall” up your offerings, check with Culinary, We’ve got what you need.   Ho-Ho-Boo!  


   I am a nutty salad green.  I am the least bitter member of the chicory family.  I grow as a loose-leaved head rather like a leaf lettuce.  My leaves are bright green on the outside and sometimes I dress tinged with red.  I am usually pale yellow in my center because no matter how I bend, I can’t get that part in the sun.  The rib running down my center is always a bright white, showing off my vibrant health. I am often found in minestrone type soups or braised with white beans and garlic.  I need to be used pretty quickly, but if I go limp on you, I can often be brought back to life with an ice water bath. And I ask you, in this heat who wouldn’t?  

Answer to last weeks quiz…SPROUTS…Congrats to all winners!

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