Sept. 19, 2019

  Market Notes Sept. 19, 2019



The one bit of sad news this season is that we have no molded face pumpkins this year. The Frankenstein face and the skull and cross bones are no longer available, at least for this season. We finally had a one up of the Buddha pears but that will not be available this season. Aside from that showstopper centerpiece, we do have just about every pumpkin imaginable. Orange pumpkins white pumpkins, pam pumpkins, wee bee pumpkins, tiger pumpkins, stem sparkler pumpkins, painted pumpkins, big Mac pumpkins and Burpees pumpkins, Then, by special request, we have the mutant pumpkins that are 350 pounds and over. Of course, the fall season does not live by pumpkin alone, so we offer ornamental gourds, glycerin fall leaves, hay bales, Indian corn, mini Indian corn, and strawberry Indian corn. Sheaves of wheat, garlic braids, pepper braids and seasonal wreaths complete the décor. You can get the sod to complete your display. All that’s missing is a Starbucks pumpkin spice latte.


The Bintje is a yellow flesh potato developed by Kornelis Friesland. Unlike most potatoes that originate from South America, the Bintje potato is butch. A cross between the Munstersen and Fransen potatoes, the yellow flesh and silky skin make this potato a winner from its first view but its greatness lies well beyond its good looks. High moisture and low starch make the Bintje potato an outstanding all-purpose potato. Great when mashed, the nutty flavor of the Bintje will hold its shape when fried. The Bintje is the potato used for the famous butch French fries as well as pomme frites. Kennebec potatoes are a constant second when compared to the flavor, crisp skin, and fluffy inside when fried. Our Colorado grower has a beautiful crop of Bintje this year and they are being offered at vary affordable rates. Samples are available for those who are serious. Product will vary between A size and B size and can be packed in totes or boxes. We do not have a retail bag for this product at this time. Product will be packed at our facility in Mosca, Colorado, With advance notice we can make product available for “just in time” forward distribution in Pennsylvania or for consolidation in California. Please contact Trae Cyrus at our New Jersey office for more details. If you want an edge for your customers, this is it.


It happened one night not too long ago when two strangers crossed a couple of acres and started a new family. He’d seen her once from afar, but when he stole that second stare, it was enough to rock him to his stem and he knew then that this was meant to be. How could there be another creature so beautiful? And how could she be this beautiful and green? Greenl Yes, green, and ooh, what a tan! He wasn’t even supposed to talk about “THEM”, much less fantasize. His whole life he been taught yellow was the way and never to stray. He decided then and there this was not what he had been planted to do. gut then he saw her looking, looking right at him. Her scalloped edges shone, her small soft body was round and plump. She was prime. Then, in the blink of an eye, it happened. She twirled around on her stem, spun straight up to glow radiantly in the sun, slid down her vine and landed on the soft dirt, right in front of him! He looked around both startled and nervous, for surely someone else had seen this gorgeous acrobatic feat. A short time passed and no one seemed to notice. They were safe, they were alone! It was now or never! So with his entire fiber, with every A, every C vitamin and mineral he possessed, with his stem strong and firm, he surged forward. Their seeds met and it was magic, art, fireworks, mosaic actually. Hence my birth, a culinary delight. Multi-colored with edible skin and soft seeds, a new baby to the culinary world.

Answer to last weeks quiz…SEA KALE…Congrats to all winners!

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