February 2, 2017

  Market Notes
February 2, 2017


The groundhog might have said spring ain’t coming anytime soon and the weather in Yuma agrees while the problem is compounding. The tremendous mold damage in organic greens has forced the organic market to conventional buying, increasing the demand of everything in the category. Meanwhile, the weather is improving slowly with 70 degree days and 50 degree nights, but we need a month of that in order to catch up. So, while all things green are going into the salad mixes, there is little remaining for individual component sales. So we are either allocating or completely cutting baby lettuce, spinach, arugula, or other components as needed in order to maintain the salad mix business. This should improve weekly with complete recovery in about three weeks.


Why February? There is little if any new harvest in February. Potatoes are not at any peak of perfection in February. February is the slowest month of the year for potato sales, so that’s why. We did not create the celebratory month but we will certainly join in. We are in full swing in both or our major loading areas in California and Colorado. We have multi-color Fingerling potatoes in both areas can be packed in retail, organic, food service or totes. We have yellow, white and red creamers in California, but are sold out of red in Colorado. Organic russets are abundant in Colorado, and purple fingerlings in California only are limited. But there is something very new and exciting that we are rolling out in time for Potato Lovers Month. It answers the age old question of how to explain to a customer that a purple skinned potato is actually yellow. The answer is one taste bud at a time. And to do that we proudly introduce……


This is very exciting. The Harvest Moon potato is going on tour. Recognizing that the Harvest Moon has to be tasted to be understood we are going to sample the potato around the country. We will be doing demos throughout New York City from the 15th through the 19th. The Hot Potato Mamma is the grower’s wife so the information and the passion are built into the delicious samples. If you are interested in visiting our NYC blitz please contact your Culinary rep for dates and times. This is a kick off to a national program so if you would like to plan a demo in your store or set up a series of demos for your chain please contact us and we will be happy to oblige. The package we are promoting is the 12/2# Harvest Moon and aggressive pricing is available along with the 3-4 hour demo. Please contact Richard if you are interested in heating up your potato sales.


Pliny said I could prevent fatigue, but he didn’t know my prices and shelf life! Pilgrims in the Middle Ages put me in their shoes before long journeys on foot. Named after the French word for “little dragon” I can be strangled by my roots if not regularly divided. Due to my serpentine root system I am a good treatment for snakebites. I am also considered to enhance the growth of most vegetables when planted among them. I will sweeten your breath and numb your tongue if chewed. I prefer France in the spring and Russia in the Winter. Often associated with vinegar or fish, I am also good with mustard, chicken, fresh salads, lamb, potatoes, artichokes, cheeses, eggs and sour cream. As a pharma-food I am known to stimulate appetite, relieve flatulence, and help ease toothaches. I am able to protect foods as an antioxidant. As a useful antifungal I am also an ingredient in perfumes, soaps and cosmetics.

Answer To Last Week’s Quiz…JABOTICABA…Congrats To All Winners
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