January 25, 2018

  Market Notes
January 25, 2018


February is often the best time for specialty citrus. First is simply sugar, the varieties that can stay on the trees longer without damage simply have a higher brix. But most compelling is the late season fruits that are more complex in flavor and often eat like candy. The Cara-Cara oranges are growing in popularity every year and the Sumo mandarins are a whole new level of delicious. Pixie and Paige satsuma are amazing and then there are the tangerine crosses. These are the most fascinating of the crosses due to flavor and juice content. We used to rave about the TDE, and we still do, but there are now many new crosses that have the same attributes. The citrus season starts sour and then progresses from mild to super sweet and complex flavor. Welcome to super sweet and complex flavor!


Probably the second largest restaurant day of the year, Valentine’s Day provides an exceptional opportunity to show off food art. One of those items is our now famous pink tinted orchids. They are a pre-order only and Monday is the last day to order these in time for the holiday. They come by the case. Each case has 10 containers of 50 count each. This special variety is more delicate than our standard orchids and as such the shelf life is not as long. Please contact Lisa in our main office if you are interested. Red edible roses are also available until they are not. Did you know that you can take a red fingerling potato, scrape it from one end to the other a few times to make and indentation, then slice it into hearts? If that does not work for you we can do it. From beets, carrots and turnips, to squash, potatoes, and kohlrabi we can pre-carve hearts, cry-o-vac them and ship them over night. Finally don’t forget the chicories including red endive, radicchio and tardivo.


Going with the old adage “everything old is new again” we have seen resurgence in the interest of our potato packaging. Often a new product is defined by a different package or a different pack size. Old packaging re-introduced becomes retro or a visit with old friend. We have lots of options to color up your produce isles and potato sales. We offer three different labels covering everything from organic russets to assorted fingerlings. From stitched bags and five pound poly’s to mesh or poly mesh combo we have the bag for you. If not, we can use yours or develop one together. Please ask your sales rep for our retail sales catalog.


member of the large rose family, Homer called me “the gift of the gods.” I have been cultivated for over three thousand years and held in high esteem by the Greeks, Romans and Chinese. Today my largest production comes from China, Italy, the United States, and Russia. I have several hundred varieties, a result of the cross breeding done in the 17th and 18th centuries. Most of my varieties are teardrop shaped, but some cousins are completely round. We are very thin-skinned as a group but quite colorful with a range of colors including yellow, brown, red and green. Whatever the skin color is, my flesh is always white or cream-colored and finely textured. My core is small with about 8 to 12 small seeds. My starch converts to sugar best after I am picked, and I ripen beautifully outside the cooler in a paper bag. I am rich in fiber as well as potassium and copper. Best eaten out of hand, I can be poached, juiced, or dipped. I am used in salads, sorbets, cheese platters, marinades, and stuffing. Contrary to my name, I am allowed to go out alone.

Answer To Last Week’s Quiz:…OREGANO…Congrats To All Winners

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