July 16, 2015

  Market Notes
  July 16, 2015

       When we first set up our universal headquarters we moved into the Gargiulo Produce building. Not the national tomato company, rather a local first class third generation distributor.  Another company who also rented space in this building was Boscovivo, a truly authentic Italian food company.  They are in the truffle game for sure but they also have an amazing line up of sublime Italian foods. While they are no longer a physical presence in the USA, and through the wonders of modern technology we proudly have the opportunity to represent this line of Italian delicacies. By category in both black and white there are all things truffle; sauce, in oil, shavings, carpaccio, juice and in salt.  They also offer a full line of flavored olive oil, vinegar, honey and of course fresh truffles. When we saw their catalog 20 some odd years ago we were in awe. They were ahead of our time.  We asked them for a sample of each item and they obliged. We can personally vouch for the awesome yumminess and perfect heirloom packaging of these products.  This starts with a phone call. Check in if you wish to pursue. Maybe now we are ready.


       Digging began today for yellows but this is a tote or bulk deal only. They are dug, run through the clodhopper, and loaded.  Two weeks from now bulk loading of russets will begin in the same area. Colorado loading of yellow fingerlings from New Mexico will begin no later than August third. Traditionally potatoes from this area are very clean and well sized. We do not expect this year to be any different. In other new crop news, both California and Colorado will be harvesting new crop fingerlings in the middle of August so there is absolutely zero chance of a fingerling gap.  Oh, yeah, Michigan will be harvesting new crop at that time as well. Think this market is growing?

      Cool thing about having an office in New Jersey is that the New York Produce show is in our back yard. Cool thing about having an office in Watsonville is that the PMA Food Service show is in our back yard and is scheduled for next weekend.  While we do not have a booth this year we will be in and out of Monterey from Wednesday on showing our customers who dare this amazing piece of land called the Monterey Peninsula, a land we now call home.  So, if you are going to be in town and would like to meet for a drink of have a few hours for an awesome nature tour, or if you would just like to scream at the boss,  please feel free to contact our west coast headquarters at 831-288-0980. Oh yeah, it’s also the weekend of the Gilroy Garlic Festival, see you there Saturday???

       I won’t stab you in the back, I can’t.  Although I am crispy, I’d probably break first.  As the main ingredient in a king’s salad, I don’t rome very far.  But whether to have me before or after a meal is a debate that has gone on since the time of Augustus. Some say I originated in the Aegean others say in parts of Asia. I am a member of the sunflower family of plants. Originally grown for the oil in my seeds, now people like me for my heart. I usually remain loyal green and large leafed but the modern day yuppies pluck us as babies and often grow us red. Each year Americans eat about 30 pounds of my relatives and me.  And it’s no wonder, because people can do so much with me: I can be used as a bed on a plate, served with fruit or anchovies, pickled in a jar, or cooked in soup. At home with croutons or anchovies we are also the crisp bit you yearn for in your favorite sandwich. The myth that my siblings and me provide almost no nutritional value is not quite true, because I contain folates, vitamins A & C, potassium and fiber.

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