June 28, 2018

  Market Notes
June 28, 2018


Our market projections continue to be on track for East Coast distribution. We have in stock and ready to ship the last load of product for the Colorado 2017 season. There are three pallets left. We also have in stock and ready to ship new crop from California. While the news crop is nicer it is and additional ten bucks per case or another twenty cents per pound. This will hopefully hold us through July twelfth, when the first of the New Mexico product will be available for forward distribution. This year, for the first time, the New Mexico fingerling potatoes will be packed at White Rock, our Mosca, Colorado facility. We may experience a brief gap between July ninth and July thirteenth. Our first run will be Russian Banana fingerlings only. A week later we will have colors and mixes. From then on we will be steady with a seamless transition from New Mexico fields to Colorado fields sometime in early October. West Coast operations continue uninterrupted.


If the grill don’t get ya, the fireworks will. A highly flammable day indeed. Dare we suggest that it might be our last? Nah, no politics here, better to focus on safety and joy. So we’ll eat, drink, cook, ignite, and be merry to celebrate the amazing freedoms this country offers like closing on holidays. That’s right, much to your chagrin; Culinary will be closed on Wednesday, July 4th in celebration of Independence Day. We may even try and sneak out early on Tuesday July 3, 2018. Most major markets are closed and there is limited AM direct dock loading. No Fed-ex pick-ups Tuesday or Wednesday. While our global headquarters will be non-operational our 24/7/365 global specialty produce emergency and urgent care hot line remains open as always. Normal Culinary operations will resume Thursday July 5, 2018. From us and ours to you and yours we wish you a safe, happy, and healthy mid-week screws everything up holiday.


I am a product of centuries of cultivation and selection. I am indigenous to Central Asia and Europe. I was very popular among the Greeks and Romans but my oldest friends are the Chinese who have known me for close to 5,000 years. I am starchy, crunchy, sweet and particularly petite. In my early days my look and taste was a bit of an eyesore, until my friend the famous botanist Gregor Mendel got a hold of me, fortunately, and greatly improved my appearance and taste over the years. I am raised with several brothers and sisters, I rarely grow alone. Our homes range from 1 ¾ to 6 inches in length. Each home contains as little as one or as much as ten of us. My skin can be slim and svelte or flat and swollen but always with curves in all the right places. I have over 1,000 varieties including smooth and wrinkled. For the most part you’ll find my smooth frozen and my wrinkled canned. My colors range from green to grayish, whitish, or brownish. I am sold fresh, dried or frozen. I contain small amounts of protein and I am rich in Vitamin B. I am often used as a cover crop as I provide nitrogen for the soil. I am mainly consumed in soups or a traditional side dish to accompany meat, and mixed with other vegetables. I never meet a carrot I did not like. As for one of my most popular varieties they may not be handy when building a man or ball but I wouldn’t plan to stir fry without them.


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