November 12, 2015

  Market Notes
  November 12, 2015



The transition from the Salinas Valley to Yuma could not have been more perfectly timed. Well, okay, maybe by one week. The rains came to Central California early this week and while they may have been brief they were powerful and spectacular. For the lack of water we have had a misting would have been spectacular and that is how this started off. Then the sideways rain began. This was a little more than a mist but weak enough to be blown by the wind. The next phase was a straight regular “in love in Paris” Hollywood style rain which was exactly what we needed. No puddles no floods, the ground absorbing it all. Finally, the skies opened wide. This is rain you cannot see through. Perhaps the term would be buckets if it were not for the bouncing bits of ice. Fifty- five degrees and ice is battering the berries and baby greens. The result is about two inches of waterfall (pun intended) and reasonable amounts of agriculture damage. So baby greens in the Salinas Valley are going to show problems for those who are loading Tuesday through Saturday this week. The great news is that it is beautiful in Yuma and crop is ready. As long as the equipment does not fall apart we are golden with perfect product next week. So Monday is hell day with orders backing up due to first run adjustments and day one of loading from the seasonal southern exposure. But all else is good; quality, quantity and price. Welcome to the winter season.


For the last three weeks and for the next two weeks we will continue to use this publication to shamelessly talk about our participation in this year’s New York Produce Show. We’ve teased about an amazing display. We’ve tantalized with cooking samples live and in person. We’ve bragged about our entire company being on hand to dazzle and seduce, but we’ve have not made official invitations. So, here it is. YOU ARE INVITED to the New York Produce show on December 2, 2015 at the Javitz Center in NYC. We will be performing all our tricks in booth 319, oh what a scene it will be. You will need a pass to get in and all you have to do is be part of the industry. We have an allotted amount of passes to hand out to our fans and groupies. So if you have not pre-registered and feel you just cannot live any more without attendance to this show, we can help. Please contact your culinary rep and we will send you a free pass (how cliché is that?) to the exposition. Our allotment is limited so this is a first come first serve deal so if you need do not hesitate to reach out.


Warm winter weather has made domestic truffles tough to find. Do not expect a large foraging this year. Strawberries are slight from California and the limited Mexican crop of average quality berries are being bought up at soon as they are picked. New Zealand strawberries not hit the main land yet. Imported Blood oranges are done. New crop domestic not quite there yet. Finger Limes are abundant; many growers have quantity to ship. Time to make Finger Lime deals, growers will listen. Lemon Basil is now available from Hawaii. Heirloom tomatoes are very scarce for good quality. Fruit are small and they lack color. Market should improve in two weeks.


Grown in hot regions all over the world, I am the most popular of all tropical fruits. Carib Indians hung me either whole or a crown of my leaves above the entrance to their huts as a sign of welcome and a promise of food and drink. I am native to the lowlands of Brazil, and spread throughout the world easily propagated by cuttings. I have dwarf siblings whose core is completely edible and I have monster parents who weigh over eleven pounds each. If you want me to be sweet, you better pick me ripe because I have no reserve of starch to convert to sugar. I can be used fresh, sautéed, broiled, grilled, frozen, chunked, rung, or juiced. I am famous as a cake but you would have to stand on your head to see me. I have also been used as a sore throat remedy and a meat tenderizer.

Answer To Last Quiz….COLLARD GREENS……Congrats To All Winners
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