November 22, 2017

  Market Notes
November 22, 2017


We crisscross the country

For the ultimate munchie

For a day that’s American real

We say it’s for family

And although it can be

We are really all there for the meal

We often vacation

Throughout this great nation

And we hang family and friends

But on this day we fake it

As long as they make it

The meal on which this day depends

So we learn Cousin Betty

Is now going steady

With a boy who has car parts in his hair

But oh, how her stuffing

Makes it worth bluffing

So we smile like we haven’t a care

When Mama makes the turkey

It’s not exactly turn-key

The prep it starts three days before

You will tolerate her complaining

Although it is draining

For that turkey you are salivating for


From us and ours to you and yours we wish 


Then dad makes us crazy

When he makes his smooth gravy

Using every pot, fork, spoon and knife

But when you taste that satin richness

You volunteer to do dishes

For the best tasting liquid in life

Your taters are flavored

Like never before

This breaks with tradition

But you go back for more

The pies are a memory

That have lasted a year

Once glance at the table

Puts your taste buds in gear

The eggnog is perfect

Mulled cider sublime

You are eating and drinking

Almost all the time

So chat on dear birthdays

And tweet the world how you feel

But admit that on this day

It’s the meal my friends, THE MEAL!


you a happy , healthy and safe Thanksgiving


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