Market Notes

NOVEMBER 24th, 2022

     A Thanksgiving Thought


It’s Thanksgiving today Novembers 4th Thursday But it wasn’t always that way So why should it stay 1621 was when it begun T ’was always a Thursday November It jumped up and down, went all around To dates no one could remember Jefferson said no, Grant said “let’s go” Lincoln moved it, Roosevelt set it in stone And it’s been this way to this very day Now we know when it’s time to go home. Thanksgiving gives thanks To the fields and the banks With a glorious harvest Both large and pristine But can you remember A time in late November When fruits and veggies Are abundant and clean As the northern fields get colder The fields beg for closure Then a southern exposure That begins by November’s end The northern fields harvest Is gone and defied us There is little left On which we can depend Spot virus kills lettuce The weather won’t let us Enter barren fields Now covered in mud
The supply is in question As we offer this suggestion To relieve the congestion From disease, heat, and flood So, here’s what we say Let’s move this great day When our growers can display Harvests both large and sublime There would be no transition To mess with the mission And the produce condition Would always be fine Let’s share when we toil When there is limited foil And we can have it all At the beginning of fall October is a fine way To celebrate this holiday And yes the third Thursday Would work well for us all No one is offended The supply chain is mended No fields are upended No problems foreseen Late October is swelling It is very compelling A change that’s worth telling No pressure, it’s easy, its clean Though some might object As their thoughts they collect They would not be correct That it might interrupt Halloween


From us and ours to you and yours we wish you a happy, healthy, and safe Thanksgiving Produce quiz returns 12-1-2022

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