Market Notes August 25th, 2022



You know how much we love Andy’s Orchards, the home of masterfully grown heirloom and cutting edge stone fruit. Along side of his very own baby Crawford peaches, he also offers many interspecific varieties. Pluerry is a combination of plum and cherry and there are many types of Pluerry using different varieties of plums and cherries and different percentages. The Flavor Punch is called a Pluerry.   Dave Wilson Nurseries will tell you it is a combination of a sweet Japanese plum and sweet cherry. We dug deeper. If you look up the  Zeiger Genetics plant patent application you find that the Flavor Punch is  more. Specifically, it  combines Prunus salicina (plum), Prunus armeniaca (apricot), Prunus avium (cherry), and Prunus persica  (peach). In short, plum, apricot, cherry, and peach in one fruit.  The result is unlike any stone fruit we have ever tasted. First off, when this fruit is fully ripe, it eats like an apple. What that alone does for shelf life and travel is mind blowing. When you get past the crunch and the mouth feel, the flavors kick in. Obviously taste is subjective but for us there was the subtle rich undertone of apricot with a wonderful plum and peach flavor finished with a sweet cherry flavor. This is not the cloying sweetness a lychee or rambutan might offer, and though very juicy, this is not “change your shirt” fruit. The blend is amazing, and we can only imagine what juicing this fruit would taste like. There was not enough this year to test that. The season was over, but we were told by the master himself that these are the stone fruit of the future.  The Flavor Punch has it all, and we see no reason to disagree.  Look for these, ask for these, cry for these, the entire category in one amazing bite.


    Beautiful crop out of Edison (Bakersfield) California Solid green fruit Three to five inches average length. Great Fed-Ex rates or cross dock to LA. This is a really nice crop. Best we’ve seen from California. Call for deals.


  I am one of the oldest known vegetables, and second in popularity only to the potato.  Eaten by the Chinese several thousand years ago, I was also used as K-rations when Caesar invaded Britain.  They even named a doll after me with my own birth certificate.  Eaten with vinegar before a meal I can temper the worst of stomachaches / or hangovers.  I am red, pink, green, blue, purple, or white and sometimes I can be variegated.  I can be a flat, round, or pointed head or in leaf form.  I lose moisture rapidly so to avoid wilting keep me wrapped and cool.  I am a major part of an Irish traditional meal, and a major part of American picnics.  I get stuffed, shredded, steamed, baked, or just eaten raw.  In many foods stands throughout the world I am fermented and slathered on top of cooked pork parts stuffed in a casing placed inside a roll.  When I am being cooked, your nose will let you know I am being heated unless you hide my odor by placed some bread in my cooking liquid.  An abundant source of vitamin C, I have also been used as a remedy for sore throats and cataracts.  We are low in fat and low in protein, but our high fiber content makes us a good source of roughage.  

Answer to last quiz….COCONUT…Congrats to all winners!

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