Market Notes
August 4th, 2022



   As a product that disappeared for a while and then becomes visible again, there are often bumps in the road. Unfortunately, trying to fill the pipeline for yellow fingerling potatoes, we have hit every bump and even invented a few. From failed fields to unattended post-harvest.  From truck failures  to heavy rains. From seed needs to fewer growers. From lack of labor to lack of supply. This shortage has seen it all. We are almost out of the woods. From the Culinary point of view, for the first week in over three months we actually had inventory in stock at our east coast forward distribution facility. The rains have caused a gap for early next week, but once we get over that availability will go up a lot, and price will go down a little.  On the west coast, we have product in stock at our forward distribution facility in LA. Within the next few weeks we will expand beyond just yellows and stock colors and mix .From a national point of view, our friendly competitors  on both coasts will  be in regular  supply within the next few weeks so by September, when Colorado starts, the country will be back to normal supply.  


A favorite of local gardeners and Farmers markets, tomatoes of all types thrive in the summer and this year tomato crops are huge.  There is excellent variety and excellent volume. Heirloom varieties are available both organically and conventionally. There are baby assorted heirlooms and straight colors as well.  The large slicing heirlooms contain on average five varieties per ten pound case providing a rainbow of color.  With advance notice the large heirloom varieties by individual variety.  We have availability from numerous farms from San Diego to Napa and can consolidate in either the San Francisco or Los Angeles produce markets if FOB is not an option.  This market is expected to stay strong through September.  If you are looking for a program or just a great summer please give us a call, the deals are ripe for the taking.  


  I am a member of the nut family. I am native to Southeast Asia and the Melanesian Islands in the Pacific Ocean.  I am the year-round king of tropical and subtropical regions.  I have a thick, hard skin whose color ranges from green to brown depending on my level of maturity.  At any stage my tough brown fibers tousled around my shell give me a constant 5:00 shadow.  In Sanskrit I am referred to as kapla vriksha I which means, “tree which gives all that is necessary for living”.  They were correct, as even today I am totally useful.  Carpenters use the wood of my palm while my strong fibrous leaves are used to make rope, baskets, and fabric. Crack me open to reveal my crisp white meat and belly full of liquid.  My meat is rich popular tasting accompaniment to shellfish dishes, cookies, pies, cakes, custards, and candy.  My liquid, when not drunk directly from my shell is used in sauces, curries, puddings, and other desserts.  I am also famous for my “milk” which is created by pouring boiling water over my grated meat, leaving it to cool and then straining.  As you read this I probably surround you if not actually on you directly through the use of your soap or fragrance.  I contain a considerable amount of saturated fat, a moderate amount of fiber, and scarce amounts of protein, calcium, sodium, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, iron, and copper.   Finally though mostly thought of as a nut, I am actually a drupe, meaning a fruit with a hard stone.  Well, sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes, you drupe!  

Answer to last quiz….CUCUZZA SQUASH…Congrats to all winners!

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