Market Notes
December 18th, 2014


It would be great to talk about our new dried organic apricots, or the beautiful purple Peruvian we have this season or the new ramp program we will start this spring, but it is pre-season and no one is going to listen so we will save that for more attentive times. With Christmas and New Year’s around the corner we best use this space to update you on our holiday hours. So here is how this will go down.  Wednesday 12-24-2014 we will work until the work is done.  We will be closed, or on Sunday schedule for Thursday 12-25.  All operations will resume on Friday 12-26.  Then on Wednesday, 12-31-2014 we will once again close when all the work is done and remain closed through 1-1-2015. Thursday the 1st we will be on a Sunday schedule once again and all operations resume on Friday 1-2-2015.  From what we can tell all of our shippers and markets will be on the same schedule. All Thursday loading will be arranged for on Wednesday unless other arrangements are made.  Please contact your culinary Rep for specific details. Happy and healthy to all.

As many of you have come to depend on our weekly Market Notes or perhaps more importantly on the Produce Quiz we thought it prudent to advise you of that schedule as well.  After this week’s publication both the notes and the quiz will not change until the end of the year.  In keeping with our two decade tradition, next week’s Market Notes will be replaced by the 20th Culinary Specialty Produce Christmas Song.  The week after, continuing our single decade tradition, we replace Market Notes with our annual top ten. Market Notes attempting any real substance will resume January 8, 2015. The produce quiz will also be on vacation during that time span as well.  The answer to this week’s quiz will be published in Market Notes on January 8, 2015.  The produce quiz will be performing in Tulsa on the 27th. Albuquerque on the 29th, and LA on the 30th.  Check with your Culinary Rep for venues, times and tickets.


   Abram Akane Akero Almata Arthur Ashmead’s Kernel Aunt Rachel Beacon Fenton Belle do Boskoop Benham Benoni Betsy Deaton Bevan’s Favorite Bietigheimer Black Amish Booth’s Brogden Buckingham Buff Bullet Buncombe Burgundy Calville Blanc Calvin Carpentin Carter’s Blue Cathead Champlain Chandler Cheese Chenango Cherryville Black Chesapeake Chesney Chimney Coppertone Cornish Gilliflower Cotton Sweet Court Pendu Plat Cranberry Crow Egg  Cullasaga Dad Davey Deaderick Devine Devonshire Quarrendon Disharoon Dr. Matthews Duchess of Oldenburg Earliblaze Earwin Baur Edward VII Enos Fallawater Tulpehocken Fanny Fireside Flat Fall Cheese Fortune Foust Franklin Fukunishiki Further Gano Geneva Early Gloria Mundi Gragg Gray Stark Haas Hackworth Haraison Harvey Hawaii Hawley Henry Clay Hidden Rose Higdon Hightop Sweet Hog Sweet Hogpen Holiday Holland Hollow Log Holstein Hoover Horse Hunge Huntsman Hyde King  Ingrid Marie James Grieve Jarrett Jefferies July-Aug. Go No Kandil Sinap Kent Keswick Codlin Kinnaird’s Choice Knobbed Russet Lacy Lodi Lowell Lowland Raspberry Lowry Lubsk Queen Magnum Bonum Mahogany Mann Margaret Margil Mary McKinney Mattamuskeet McLellan Milam Minnesota 714 Mio Mother Mountain Mrs. Bryan Muskmelon Sweet Muster Norfolk Beefing Notley Pea No. 1 Ohio Nonpareil Oliver Ophir Ortley Ozark Gold Parmar Peck’s Pleasant Pewaukee Pilot Polly Eades Priestly Prima Primate Priscilla Pumpkin Sweet Puritan Quinte Rainbow Ralls Janet Ramsdell RebelRed Horse Republican Reverend Morgan Rusty Coat Saint Edmund’s Salome Sam Young Crofton Schell Seek-No-Further Sekai Ichi Sheepnose Signe Tillisch Sinta Smoky Mt. Somerset of Maine Sops of Wine Sparger Spencer Stearns Stump Summer Rambo Surprise Swayzie Tar Button Tenderskin Terry Winter Tioga Tohoku Viking Vine Vista Bella Wagener Waltana Watermelon Wealthy White Bausel William’s Favorite Willie Sharp Winter Banana Wolf River Yarlington Mill Yataka Yates Zabergau Reinette.

 Answer To Last  Week’s  Quiz…..(GOBO or BURDOCK ROOT)……Congrats to all winners
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