Market Notes
February 2nd, 2023



   What a difference a year makes! Last year at this time we were warning about a nationwide shortage on fingerling potatoes. Then there was a four-month shortage as prices soared and quality dropped.  It was rough from May into September. Two growers gone and two changed hands as the industry re-aligned to survive. And survive it did. We currently have four FOB points and quality is outstanding. Two FOB points on the west coast, one in Colorado and one in Pennsylvania with forward distribution.  We can deliver for consolidation in San Francisco or Los Angeles and in many cases we can deliver to your door.  While the price has certainly dropped the pre-pandemic prices are gone but affordable pricing is back.  With the shortage on rounds and russets fingerling potatoes are a great option and the quality from now through April will be sublime. It’s a great season for these tasty oblong tubers and your customers will be awed with the quality and flavor.  If you are not already in on this fine fingerling season, please reach out to your Culinary rep for some very tasty deals.  


   Product abounds from Central and South America with many FOB points. Asparagus loading in both Miami and Brawley from Mexico and Peru, including organic grass. Snow peas and snap peas from Guatemala also loading in Miami along with French beans that are currently running short. Strawberries both conventional and Organic from Mexico are available with FOB points in Miami and New Jersey.  Blueberries also available in both locations. Pineapples, avocados and limes load in Miami and McAllen and Mangoes are everywhere. Kents from Peru or Ecuador load in Jersey and Pompano, organic mangoes  available in New Jersey, and Ataulfo mangoes load out of Mc Allen. Mexican lemons and limes out of Mc Allen from Mexico, while Honduran and Colombian limes begin loading out of Pompano next week.  Baby squash from Guatemala is limited and what does come in and pass QC will load out of Pompano. Confused? That’s why we’re here. We’ll get you loaded and to your door or on your truck.

                       NEW PRODUCE QUIZ – WHO AM I ???

  In one form or another I am the most popular fruit of the New Year.  Together we comprise the world’s single largest fruit crop. It all began over 7,000 years ago somewhere around the Caspian Sea area, Asia Minor or Armenia.  Today my family has over 10,000 relatives!  (You can’t possibly imagine what family reunions are like.  All that inbreeding really shows.)  My flavor and quality depend very much on the area and type of land I am grown on, the amount of water I receive, the amount of sunshine I get, and how I am harvested.  Indeed, it was a prohibitionist who first made me into a lowly juice, making communion a significantly more sober experience.  The dusty film on my skin that is often mistaken for pesticides is actually a natural waterproofing produced by my cells in or near my surface to prevent my skin from cracking.  I come in green, red, purple, and black, covering all shades in between.  I am sweet and tart and you came find me in sizes ranging a quarter to a pea.  My seeds are used as oil, and I can often be found without them. Most popular as a drink or eaten out of hand (it’s a toss-up), I am also bottled and used as a vessel christener, a souring agent, a snack, a friend on a lonely cold evening, jellies, jams, life savers, cereals, and numerous baked goods.  My juice is even using to marinate apples.  I am “sour”.  I am the “wrath”. I am a good source of potassium, considered a diuretic, energy food, tonic, laxative, and  cleanser.    

The answer to last weeks quiz was….BERGAMOT… Congrats to all winners.

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