Market Notes
  January 14, 2016


This has been a most interesting season for the novel Finger Lime. We had some new growers in the game and the market saw some great deals. Now, due to unusually cold weather and heavy rains (which in many ways are a good thing) the season has come to an abrupt end. We officially have no more to ship. The season begins again in mid to late summer but these feral plants often have a single blush in late winter or early spring. In other words, before the next season begins we will have a two week window to pick and ship before mid-summer. We are proud to say we have developed a steady following for these fruits in both the wholesale and retail market. We thank you for your support and you will be the first ones we call when the next harvest is in.


We really do not want to get a reputation for being the pot reporters but what used to happen on occasion now seems to be a weekly occurrence. Once again it’s the carrots. This time it is a new variety. These carrots were probably made by a printer and they are of the plastic variety. We can absolutely guarantee that Roundup was not used on this product. These carrots are definitely GMO as they are crossed with the Velcro green and Acorn squash gene so they have an open center and a Velcro seal. This makes it very easy for chefs to stuff the carrots without having to hollow them out and the fastener keeps the goodies inside. Be it beef, chicken, pork, veggies, or for 164 kilos of Panama Red, the extended shelf life of this carrot is just perfect for the modern day smuggler. Once again we will be fascinated to see how this progresses when Marijuana is legal. Many have questioned where the confiscated product goes and what is done with it. I am sure we do not know.


The closer we get the tougher these items get so we thought it best to give you an inventory now. That way we can yell at you when you order on February 12th. This year Valentine’s Day is on a Sunday which lends itself to a romantic loving day. Here is a preview of the items we will have to enhance your day in a culinary way. Heart shaped veggies include beets, carrots, watermelon radish (waaaaay cool) and potatoes. We can also do spleen, pancreas, and liver but this is not the holiday for that. Mini roses are 20 count units and they range in colors from red and yellow to pink and white. We also have 4 ounce units of rose petals in red, pink and white. Red endive will be available and traditional flowers can also be pre-carved from beets, radishes, potatoes, and carrots. Carved items are sold by the piece and can vary in size. Please stay ahead on this if you are interested. It’s not like we have a factory of elves just waiting for orders.


I am a nutty salad green. Native to the East Indies I was brought to the new world by colonists. I am the least bitter member of the chicory family. As a winter green I thrive in the late growing season. I grow as a loose-leaved head rather like a leaf lettuce. My leaves are bright green on the outside and sometimes I dress tinged with red. I am usually pale yellow in my center because no matter how I bend, I can’t get that part in the sun. The rib running down my center is always a bright white, showing off my vibrant health. My leaves are broader and paler than traditional endive and in a blind taste test you might confuse me for radicchio. I am often found in minestrone type soups or braised with white beans and garlic. I need to be used pretty quickly, but if I go limp on you, I can often be brought back to life with an ice water bath. I am high in folic acid and fiber and provide a good source of vitamins A and K.

Answer To Last Week’s Quiz…SUGAR SNAP PEAS…Congrats To All Winners
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