Market Notes
January 26th, 2023



   Now that all the hoopala on the NOS new rules has been pretty settled, we return to basic buying, availability, quality and price. For red, yellow, and purple rounds that seems to be a big issue.  Product from Colorado is starting to show its signs and age.  Reds lack color, yellows are brown and show slight wrinkling, and purples simply aren’t available.  Desiree, and red with good skin color with yellow flesh was a reasonable substitute, but now they are in short supply as well. Organic russets are still available, and the quality is good but they are pricey. Washington organic supply, which was beautiful in its prime,  is dwindling and product is looking weak. Some organic rounds from central California and Idaho are being used exclusively for retail contracts, and even they are not prime. Relief seems to be in early April when many growers will be into new crop.  Volume has expanded and to date the storms have done little if any harm. It’s going to be a rough  8-10 weeks. We will continue to scour and keep you updated.  


   The treasured seasonal fungus is becoming less and less seasonal which is great because when price is reasonable, the demand for these shrooms is huge. We wrote to you about the Nordic explosion of successful cultivation a few weeks ago and that expansion will be huge. That’s not the only geographic area of cultivation development. Himalayan Morel mushrooms are now available. These are clean from an indoor grow. They are not foraged. They are reported to be meaty with their famous nutty, umami flavor intact, unlike the flavorless morels from the past.  In other mushroom news, chanterelles have been replaced with hedgehog or yellowfoot. Black trumpets are also available and all three are shipping out of Oregon.  These products are delivered to your door over night to maintain freshness and shelf life.  


   Dekopon is a seedless and sweet variety of a satsuma orange.  Originally a brand name, the dekopon has become a generalized trademark. The generic name is shiranuhi or shirannui, but domestically known as Sumo. This fruit is easily identifiable by is large protruding bump on its top. The dekopon has a  thick zipper skin and though it is very sweet, it is also incredibly juicy, making it one of the highlights of the citrus season. It is available for a few months and rivals the amazing tangerines that come to market at the same time. This late citrus season will indeed be very sweet.


               (To the tune of “I Am Citrus”)

  I am citrus, use my zest, I am sour at my best, and my flowers linger fragrant all night long.

Spain is where I first did pledge, but I much more than just a hedge, I knew my essential oil would make me strong. Oh yes, I survived, but I don’t need to be revived, making perfume and Earl Grey tea can’t be wrong.


  My thorns are thick as wood, but my oil it sure tastes good, and my green and juicy pulps’ no use at all. Scrape my skin and mix me in, or rub me on your chin, in your face or mixing bowl you’ll have a ball. And if, you’re in France, the city of Nancy by chance, you’ll find barley sugar with me at the mall.


  Try to find me if you dare, I can’t be found just anywhere, but you might be using me to wash your hair. In Calabria or Sicily, is where you’ll have a chance to see, how they use my precious oil to make candy. Here and now I can say, that I’ll never go away, as long as there is eau de cologne there will be me!


The answer to last weeks quiz was….ARUGULA… Congrats to all winners.

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