Market Notes
July 13th, 2023


    If you read Market Notes with any regularity, you know how much we love Andy’s Orchards. After our decades long association we still believe Andy is easily the best stone fruit grower in the country, and possibly beyond. We brag about our relationship with his phenomenal crop and look for opportunities to distribute his precious tree ripe fruit.  This season, it looks like we will have one.  This season, probably from the heavy rains, the green gage plum crop is going to be phenomenal.  The tiny fruit, already with a high brix, comes on in early August and the good news is there will be product available for national shipping.  Better news is that green gage plums actually ship very well, so arrivals are not an issue.  Other than FOB pick up in Morgan Hill, Culinary can arrange flights to your local airport, consolidations in San Francisco or Los Angeles, and many points in between.  There are deals to be made for this incredible fruit that is amazing eaten out of hand as well as in many desserts, smoothies, and drinks. This is definitely a “I bet you can’t eat just one”, fruit and while there will be an abundance of green gage plums this year, let’s put this in perspective.  This is a ten acre farm so even abundance doesn’t go very far.  Looking for a few wholesalers who want to dazzle their customers with culinary awe. Strong words, but we believe. Please reach out if interested, this begins in three weeks.


   Spuds are busting out all over,  but it is not the spring crop that got us there, it is the summer crop.  Now that the ground has recovered and root crops are not drowning, crop schedules are back on time and the availability is about to seriously increase.  With in the next week we will have access to new crops from New Mexico, Washington, Arizona which will seamlessly blend into new crop harvest in Colorado and California.  Seed availability for yellow fingerlings remains tight so we expect a good portion of new crop to be held back for future plantings but there should easily be enough to satisfy fresh market for several months. One would think this will drop price, but some growers might want to make up for the loss in the spring crop so we will see where this ends up. Either way, yellow fingerlings should be smooth sailing with colors not too far behind.


  Two new wonderful offerings from the micro magicians at Fresh Origins.  You are already familiar with their flavor packed micro mixes and now they have added two new products to kick up summer offerings. Edible rose petals are more than just pretty. They have a sweet, mild floral flavor along with an enticing aroma. These versatile petals not only add beauty to salads and desserts, they can also be used to make flavorful sauces and syrups.  Micro mizuna features vibrant green leaves, jagged edges, and a tangy mustards flavor that will brighten up salads, Asian-inspired dishes and is a perfect compliment to the umami flavor many customers crave.  Please check with your Culinary rep for overnight delivery.


 I am the proud, the sweet, the fruit of the Chicle tree.  I produce a milky latex that is boiled down to form the major ingredient in chewing gum.  I am native to South America, but I am also grown in the West Indies, the Philippines, South Florida, and other tropical climates.  Some say I look like a cross between a potato and an apple.  I am round, lemon shaped or oblong, about 3 inches in diameter with a russeted rough, grayish brown edible skin.  I have four inedible black seeds (used to make tea) with a soft, sweet, fragrant pulp that is fine grained.  My flavor can be likened to the flavors of brown sugar or maple syrup.  Eaten with my skin on, like an apple, will mellow my intense sweetness.  My honey blonde deep reddish brown melt-in-your mouth pulp can be eaten out of hand or used in pancakes, rice custard and sherbet, fruit salads and wine.  I can also do amazing things to a root beer float.  I am quite high in fiber and considered to be a good source of potassium.  I contain vitamin C, sodium and iron as well.


The answer to last weeks quiz was….FRUIT… Congrats to all winners.

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