Market Notes
July 27th, 2023



  Usually this would be a detailed explanation of endings and beginnings, but in this case we are pleased to report that in all cases, the transition has already happened.  This week we completed our spring crop from the San Joaquin  Valley. It was a rough deal, totally weather related, but with your awesome support, we got through it. Our Colorado program has begun with processing early crop from New Mexico. This isn’t going to happen, it is happening now. This program will continue the uninterrupted forward distribution service out of Ephrata, PA. Our forward distribution program in the Los Angeles area, out of Vernon, is now being supported by early crop from Washington State. This product has been feeding our LA area depot for the past few weeks and will directly roll into the Oregon crop in the fall.  FOB’s are available from both locations and by the end of next week, both facilities will have mix available.  Next up? Marbles!  The demand for this product has grown to the point where we think we can stock them on both coasts, and not get stuck.


   With all the hullabaloo from the recent organic gathering in Monterey, and the fear and loathing building from the NOS, we thought we would  perhaps add a bit of levity and make a sales pitch.  A premier grower in the Porterville, CA area is offering organic white nectarines with a PAS tag. These are smaller size fruit, but the brix is high and the product is beautiful. This is a less than load opportunity, only ten pallets available at this writing.  Pictures available on request.


   Another industry gathering this weekend as the PMA’s Food Service Summit welcomes, chefs, buyers, growers, and educators for a three day gathering culminating in a four hour trade show. We wish all who attend safe travels and a wonderful experience.  Culinary will not be attending, but our California offices are a mere 45 minutes north of Monterey. If we can be of any help, or if you want to taste the best stone fruit, please reach out, we’re happy to help.


 Originally from Malaysia, I grow in clusters on a small evergreen tree.  While several of my relatives have smooth or moderately bumpy skin I am wild, out of control.  Maybe that way you’ll leave me alone.  But no such luck for me. Though I try to portray a hedgehog to discourage you I am plucked from my family. My yellowish-brown shell is split open to reveal a white translucent pulp.  I even grow a seed in my center in hopes of being passed by but to no avail.  You just cannot seem to get enough of my super sweet flesh.  Some of my relatives have developed the ability to be sour or acidic but you still just pluck, pluck, pluck.  Only two inches in diameter you would think they would leave us alone.  Some folks get fancy.  They cut off only my top half and serve me like an egg in a cup.  Usually eaten out of hand, I am also a great component of a fruit salad.  Other uses include canned in syrup, used in stuffings, or cooked alongside of vegetables or meat.  I am rich in vitamin C and am a good source of iron and potassium.  In my feeling, we are best left alone to multiply, but you don’t seem to agree so there are not many of us around.



The answer to last weeks quiz was….CAPE GOOSBERRY… Congrats to all winners.

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