Market Notes
July 28th, 2022



   Yellow fingerlings are back!  That said, we are pretty much booked.  While sending trucks to each coast last week, product sold out in days.  We are refreshing both locations every week, but our grower is finding it hard to keep up with the demand.  We are not their only customer, so we have to wait our turn in the shed, and we are competing with many other potato varieties.  We will catch up in the next few weeks and other crops will begin harvest with additional shipping points.  The perfect fingerling mix we have been offering has now become a weekly on and off.  Some weeks they have it, other weeks no.  Certainly, this is driven by retail demand.  We do have four pallets available for loading next week in the Bakersfield area.  Purple fingerlings are also available, and the Colorado mix will start soon. We are not taking on new customers at this time as our existing base has more than doubled in their take. They are filling their pipeline, but once that calms down we will be looking for new deals, as always.  We are thrilled to be offering quality product at reasonable prices and this should be a strong indication that this shortage is rapidly coming to an end.  


On a daily basis Culinary Specialty Produce ships herbs overnight.  Using a select group of the finest growers around the country to deliver top quality herbs to your doorstep the morning after you order. Some herbs are very finnicky.  Chervil and tarragon thrive in different geographies throughout the year and Culinary is dialed in on what’s best when and where. Summer brings many of the more unusual herb varieties.  Many different kinds of mint, basil, thyme, and sage to name a few are only briefly available in the summer months.  We have developed a great program that is constantly growing. If you are having trouble with a specific herb or are looking for a Hawaiian basil program we can meet your needs.  Please check with your Culinary rep for details and deals.  


Green Gage Plums, Black Velvet Apricots, Cotton-Candy grapes, and  Summer Kiss melons are just the headlines for what is turning out to be a very sweet summer. While the excessive heat did, indeed, damage many crops, what did survive is simply magnificent fruit. There are of lot of new raspberry, strawberry, blackberry, and pineapple varieties that are culinary wonders, you will find the basic fruit is sweeter (higher brix) that in seasons past. There are numerous options to choose from including both heirloom and hybrid varieties. Do you know about the Pluerry? It’s a plum/cherry combination. For some this might be old news, but did you know that there are over ten varieties of the Pluerry, all with different flavor profiles?  This is an exceptional year and season to explore and enjoy.  Want to know more, you know who to call.  


  I am a bit of a snake in the grass and a world wanderer as well.  In fact, I am the only ancient crop to have been cultivated in both the Old and New World. While I am probably an African, I floated like a bottle on the seas in pre-Columbus times, traveling to India, China, Indonesia, and New Zealand.  Archaeologists have found me in Egyptian remains as well as in Mexico, Peru, and Florida.  Scientifically, you’ll hear I’m a fruit.  Some call me a bean.  You’ll use me as a vegetable, from four inches to three feet long, mild, slightly sweet, tender, and free of bitterness.  Many of my family are not tasty, or they are slender and light green like me, but they have other popular uses.  You will always need to peel me. If you get me young, you can eat my soft seeds, but as I age and they harden, they must be removed. As a young little “cucutz”, my white pulpy flesh is often steamed or stir-fried. As I age I can be cooked like a winter squash.  I have a great personality as I can stay firm when the heat is on remaining tender not mushy. Nutritionally I haven’t much to offer, just low in calories and high in vitamin C.  I am in season from mid-summer to fall. After that I can be used as a dish spoon or decoration. Don’t be bored because I’m a gourd. If it’s names you want I have many including Yugao,po gua, kwa kwa, upo, bau, dudkhi and opo.  

Answer to last quiz….HEDGE-HOG MUSHROOMS…Congrats to all winners!

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