Market Notes
July 6th, 2023


    A good portion of the organic industry will gather next week in Monterey, California, less than 1 hour from our California office. While you are attending meetings, tours, floorshows, and demonstrations, we would like to offer a culinary option you won’t forget. A mere  45 minutes north of Monterey, 1.5 mile off of route 101 North, on Half road in Morgan Hill, you’ll find Andy’s Orchard’s, the best stone fruit grower in the country. We know what you’re thinking, but this is a higher level. Unless you have been here before, you simply don’t know.  If you are flying into SFO, Andy’s is on your way.  If Flying into SJC, you’re in Andy’s back yard.  If you want take a show break, arriving early, or staying late and looking for exceptional growing, a visit to Andy’s will not let you down.  Culinary would be happy to arrange a meeting and sampling on request.  Please feel free to contact our California office at 831-288-0980 for additional arrangements and possible tours. If you go and have the pleasure of meeting Andy, tell him Richard sent you. If you go and are not completely and thoroughly awed, we’ll cover your gas and pay for your tastebud replacement surgery.


   California Farmers Market circuit is a huge business and in the Santa Cruz/Monterey County areas this time of year serves up much of the best California has to offer. It’s berry time and the market offerings are mind blowing.  There is also an amazing potato product (using fingerling potatoes, of course)  at a food truck in the market called Roli-Roti. We could go into detail but we will let you discover it for yourself.  The Farmers Market is in  downtown Monterey on Tuesday and downtown Santa Cruz on Wednesday.  Many of the vendors offer organic fruits, vegetables, breads, pickles, and seasonings while mingling with many of the area’s food fanatics. It is a California, organic, food tradition that will be enjoyed by anyone in the produce business. If we can help facilitate, please let us know, we will happily oblige.


  After two seasons of counterintuitive weather, things are looking up.  The sun is out again and bright skies are in the forecast for the foreseeable future. The temperatures are not as high as much of fruits and veggies would like, but new crops, both aboveground and underground are harvesting on schedule, yields are on track and there is no product damage.  The tight lettuce market should soon ease up, root veggies, including carrots and potatoes will have increased availability, and fruiting trees are indicating abundance.  Looks like it could be a smooth summer season  even with the gloom predicted for late summer into the fall.  The next eight weeks should be good,  and these days we’ll take what we can get.


  We are a huge group with thousands of families, and this is our prime season.  Although details will vary from family to family, many common nutritional characteristics keep us together.  We have been lobbying for our own country, but there is no one place on Earth that can contain us.  We need it all, the whole planet.  Primarily we are refreshing, sweet, beautiful (except one silly family who named there son “Ugly”), and often exotic.  We are excellent thirst quenchers and maintain an average water content of 80% to 95%.  We are generally low in calories (30 to 100 per half cup) and usually contain 13 to 23 grams of carbohydrates per serving.  Except for nuts and a few other crazies, we are virtually fat-free and do not provide a great source of protein.  We are very rich in vitamins (A, B6, and C) and minerals (potassium, calcium, iron and magnesium).  The brighter and darker we are, the more vitamins and minerals we possess.  We are huge in organic acids including citric, tartaric, malic, acetic, and oxcilic.  We are rich in both soluble and insoluble fiber, making us very digestible and cleansing.  Best of all we taste great and provide an excellent source of energy.  We provide a tasty way to beat 5-A-Day!

The answer to last weeks quiz was….BUTTERNUT SQUASH… Congrats to all winners.

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