Market Notes
June 22nd, 2023


    As much as we looked forward to it, as much as we promoted and promised, and as much as we spun it to the edge of integrity, lets face it, the California spring harvest sucked. While the severe rains of the winter season did subside, the rain in general did not.  While the glory of filled reservoirs is a joy, the overflow and continued saturation of farmed fields damaged crop in a somewhat quiet way.  The continued haze, cool temperatures, and lack of direct sunlight slowed down growth and delayed harvest times in hopes of brighter days that did not come. This obviously delayed harvest on most crops but that extra time in the ground did not increase growth, maturity or volume. The result is late crop, small sizes, crop breakdown, and soil disease.  This does seem to relate to only root crops, as baby greens, though tight, are available and remain in good quality.  We are also talking 6 weeks versus 4 month of growth.  The grape crop does not seem to be challenged as of yet either. Potatoes, beets, carrots, have all suffered this spring season. With a now confirmed El Nino weather pattern we know the pressure and temperature will change but no one can predict how just yet.  What all the reports do indicate is the same word they are sure of and that is… wet.


   This one is really complicated.  Here’s the punch line.  For overnight deliveries for the week of July 3rd, the soonest you can receive a package in Thursday July 6th.  Tuesday holidays are probably the worst possible day for produce transportation. For truck loading, most Monday loading docks are open with abbreviated hours others are open on regular schedule. Docks are either closed or very limited hours on Tuesday, so don’t miss your Monday loads.  There Is no overnight delivery or pick up on Tuesday for FedEx, UPS or USPS.  This means Monday pick-ups are for Wednesday delivery and perishable herbs, micro greens, and other delicate produce won’t necessarily hold.  Therefore these growers are actually closed for shipping on Monday but will take orders for shipping on Wednesday.  All of a sudden it’s a very short week. Early week overnight deliveries will not be possible so Friday June 30th might be your best receiving date for holiday goodies. Air shots will be single runs on Monday afternoon only, no evening runs and they won’t resume until Wednesday. For what it is worth, Tuesday July 4th  is usually a good day to fly for both passengers and cargo. Culinary offices will be open all day on Monday and on 24/7 global stand-by services on the 4th.  Normal confusion will resume on Wednesday July 5th.


  Although I am a member of the carrot family, I have no fear of being eaten by rabbits.  I am beautiful and internationally popular. One of my names is derived from the word bedbug because it is said that I emit a similar odor. An ironic fact considering that I am known for increasing the appetite as well as for being a fragrant ingredient in various perfumes and cosmetics. Dating back over 3000 years, I was used by Hippocrates as a medication. The  Romans added me to vinegar to preserve meat, and the Chinese Han dynasty (207 B.C. – A.D. 220) believed I possessed the powers to give immortality. In the Arabian fantasy The Thousand and One Nights, I was referred to as an aphrodisiac. My entire plant is useful, including my roots, leaves and seeds. My flowers are white, pink or pale mauve. My leaves are light green and look a bit like flat parsley, but my taste has much more bite. My long roots have a nutty flavor while my seeds have overtones of citrus. I am used everywhere in the culinary world and I play nicely with beets, onions, or potatoes. My leaves and seeds are essential ingredients in any good curry, and no good guacamole could survive without my leaves chopped into it. My roots thrive when combined with marinated mushrooms, tomato or pasta salads.  While my seeds make a lovely tea, as a whole I provide vitamin A, potassium, and calcium. Used as a bitter herb during Passover, you will find me in many a stuffing for Thanksgiving dinner.

The answer to last weeks quiz was….JABOTICABA… Congrats to all winners.

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