Market Notes June 30th, 2022



   Good things don’t last forever, but man, this good thing was brief. For the past few weeks we have been writing about the heated yellow fingerlings and that you can’t uncook a potato.  We offered an awesome option, new crop organic fingerling mix. On their own this was no big deal but this was a beautiful mix. We encouraged our customers to switch to this new, beautiful crop for two weeks when we would have new crop yellow fingerlings.  Some listened, some passed, some tried. We brought a load east and we have sold half of it.  We begged for the last two pallets today. Thabada thabada  that’s all folks! No more fifty pounders for this guy. Are there more potatoes?  Why, yes there are. But the program is for retail so we (rather you) gobbled all  the product allocated to food service. It was a pleasure to represent such pretty product. We hope this group will grow  bulk yellows someday.  


Some of the better salespeople in our industry don’t know how to say  “no.” Even when they should, they just can’t bring themselves to actually deny the customer.  It’s a beautiful thing. Experts in their craft will offer options, create value, defer to someone they can still check with and so on. One of the more professional salespeople once told me “this product has a lot of moving parts”, and even though I could see through the glide, I had  great respect for its presentation. A beautiful non-response response. So, our potatoes in Yuma are out of the ground. Yippee! The grower does not want to wash them  and the packer in Colorado just wants to pack them.  This is all to get product to the east coast.  Yes, indeed, there are many moving parts. Fortunately these parts move pretty fast so solutions are afoot. From Arizona?  From California? From Colorado? We must wait and see.  Last week our crop was underground.  This week our crop is above ground.  Progress!  


On Monday, July 4th, 2022, Culinary Specialty Produce will be closed in observance of Independence Day.  We might even try and sneak out a bit early on Friday if business allows. Our main number will be transferred to our inter-planetary satellite so you will always get a sentient response.  I other word, our California office will be open in the AM.  Other than pre-scheduled pick up or drop offs, most everything is closed or has very limited hours.  We have pushed all our deals to Tuesday for pick ups and drop offs. No overnight delivery for Tuesday arrival. We resume normal operations Tuesday 7-5-2022. From us and ours to your and your we wish you a happy, healthy, and safe Holiday weekend.  


 I am the flavor. Others are jealous. They call me misfit, fat, short and stubby. But when it comes to taste they know who’s boss. My immediate family has origins in the Baltic Regions of Russia, and South America. It is sad but most likely true that I arrived in the United States in a horse’s feed bag. From these most humble beginnings it’s somewhat hard to believe that my pinkish-red skin would dazzle taste buds several generations later. It is also true that when compared to my siblings, I am rounder, and shorter. OK I admit it, I’m not exactly what my variety implies. While my smooth, moist yellow flesh is a showstopper on its own, eaters are consistently amazed with my interior streaking of pink. And my flavor, Oh, that nutty, rich, earthy flavor just can’t be beat.  This makes me possibly the prettiest and tastiest tuber on the planet. As if all that is not enough, I hail from France, so good taste and good looks are simply natural to me. Best when baked whole and consumed warm for maximum flavor, I can also be roasted, steamed, grilled, fried, and sautéed, to reveal my creamy flesh and nutty flavor. No butter, sour cream, or bacon bits are needed on me, I’ll shine plain and simple. Keep me cool and dry and I will last a season or two. Get me wet and warm and I’ll grow purple tipped eyes to watch you. An excellent source of potassium, and when fresh a good source of vitamin C. I also contain good amounts of copper, folic acid, magnesium, and iron.  

Answer to last quiz….CARROT…Congrats to all winners!

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